Think Again, Bitch

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“CARRIE!” Jack yells as he fumbles for his pants. Lucas gradually gets up from the floor with a smile on his face, “how long have you been standing there—this is not what you think.”

“Oh, not long. At first I left after he was sucking your dick, but now I’m back to see him fucking you up the ass,” Carrie says. She chuckles a little at the situation, “Too bad I’m going to cut off your dick, honey.”

“Please, Carrie. This is not what you think. He tried to rape me and—”

“Don’t bullshit her, Jack. She saw us, but you know what really gets me?”

“Shut up, Lucas,” Carrie snaps.

“The fact that this surprises her so much. Is it the incest? Or is it because he secretly likes men?”

“Shut up, Lucas!” Carrie yells. Jack stands up to listen.

“Because, last Christmas when I walked in on you and your sister fingering each other, I wasn’t as surprised as you seem to be now, Carrie.” Tears stream down Carrie’s face, Lucas has her there. "So put the knife down, bitch, get ready and be happy. It’s your wedding day! "

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  1. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    I wish Lucas could’ve went on longer, but you know with the whole character thing.

    I’m satifisted with this sequel, myself. It was fun making Lucas a manipluative bastard with no heart. Haha, he’s my new favorite character.

  2. Avatar thelostgirl

    Excellent because Lucas was always a manipulative bastard in my mind as well. Originally I had wanted him to be blackmailing Jack but it didn’t turn out very well when I tried to write it.

    Glad you tied it up like this Gabriel

  3. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Thanks, TLG.

    I’m glad he was intended to be manipulative bastard because I always enjoy those type of characters.

  4. Avatar Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    Oh wow. Just.. wow. I like how it ended.. and I agree in wishing Lucas could’ve gone on longer. Stupid character limit.

  5. Avatar ronmurp

    But I love a happy ending. Just think of the foursomes to follow. Great teamwork on this guys.

  6. Avatar SerKevin

    Holy Cow… I LOVE THIS!

  7. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    It’s well written but I don’t like the ending. For some reason I was kind of hoping for a bloody murder!

  8. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Well Lucas doesn’t wanna kill anyone. He just wants some action from his older brother before he gets married. Besides, too much paper work to fill out if that happens.

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