She's a Goner!

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Lydia stumbled through the admirably decorated doors of the store and onto the filthy city sidewalk.

“No, not again!” she screeched.

Tripping over her slack pair of jeans, she barely kept herself from taking a familiar tumble across the pavement. Staggering, she planted her foot right into a freshly donated piece of gum and hastily peeled the blackened mess off of her tattered sneakers.

Noticeably distressed, she peered around for refuge. Panicked, she ran down the overflowing block, attempting to keep her bearings, as the surrounding faces sneered while she pushed her way through.

Finally spotting safety, she exclaimed, “Ugh, I can’t take this anymore!”

Leaning on a nearby staple-covered street pole, Daisy whirled around at the sound of her best friend and saw Lydia all disheveled.

“What the hell’s going on, Lyds?!” she asked instantly.

“It’s Cathy…” she blurted out – straining her voice.

Confused, she queried, “What? Is she okay?!”

“She’s a goner!” she whimpered, “She just bought Twilight.

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  1. Avatar Catherine

    hahahahah I think this story just made my day. The last line is amazing, did not see that coming. Great job!

  2. Avatar iLive The Avant-Garde Way

    Glad I could make you laugh! =D

  3. Avatar Mr.Gabriel


  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    the gum was what color?
    she needs a belt
    and great ending! :)

  5. Avatar D.S. Aly

    hahaha ^ I agree with all the comments above. Didn’t see that coming.

  6. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    I think I could probably qualify as Ficly’s Biggest Twilight Hater, so the last line was truly terrifying! Lydia seems like my kind of girl… MH :)

  7. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    I hate to say this but I chose Twilight for Christmas!!!!!! I must say that I wasn’t disappointed:


    The whole series is the writer’s worse enemy so I warn you all now to stay about 30 metres away from a copy even if that means quarantening your library!!!!

    Trust me-it’s dangerous.

    You’ll wanna write terrible things and limit your vocabulary to two words.

    nice job,by the way.
    Enjoyable…nice balance of everything.

  8. Avatar iLive The Avant-Garde Way

    Thanks all for the comments! =D

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