SuperHero Black Hole: Part III

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You have to understand that my ability, as freaky as it sounds, is as weird to me as it is to you.
The time I first realised I had this ability was on Monday, September 28th, 2009. It was 6:05pm. I had finished watching a repeat of the last ever episode of Friends (for the twenty billionth time) and I thought back to the last time that episode had been on. I had written it down because I had gotten this obsession to try and write down all the dates in which “The Last One” was broadcast again. (Don’t ask me why).
At that time, I had only written down 2 dates: 28/09/09, and a date from 3 months earlier: 24/06/09.
I thought back to that date, and then, all of a sudden…
Well, to be honest, I can’t really remember the transition from Monday 28th September, 6:05pm, to Wednesday 24th June, 6:06pm. It just sort of…happened.
But then I realised what had happened when I looked at my dad, sitting in the kitchen. He had had a large scar on his right cheek since August 2nd…but when I looked then, it was gone…

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    Curious: Was this compulsion an effect of the ability manifesting itself?

Inspired by

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