The Head Bitch Part 1

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“Here’s what’s what. I’m it here. Everything always goes my way. If you want to get along here, then you better remember that. Or you’ll be in a world of shit,” I hissed at the new girl.
“Listen. I don’t want trouble. Really,” she said quickly. I stared her down for a couple moments. She paled, and looked everywhere but at me.
“Fine whatever,” I said in one of my best bitchy tones. She weakly nodded, and all but ran into her dorm room. I turned and walked down the hall.
When I got outside, Amy, Lily, and Kayla joined me. They immediantly complimented me about everything about me. From my perfect gold blond hair, to my flawless fashion style. I smirked. I was the head bitch. Everyone did what I wanted, or I ruined their lives. I was incharge, and no one would dare challenge my title.
“That new girl had really nice hair,” Amy said. I turned and icily glared at her.
“Well woopty fucking doo for her,” I growled.

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  1. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    I like her bitchy attitude.

  2. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Telling it from the bitch’s perspective… An interesting take on a massively overdone genre!

    A couple of technical things, you mean ‘immediately complimented’ just over half way down, and near the end you need speech marks at the end of Amy’s dialogue. Breaking it into clearer paragraphs wouldn’t go amiss either…

    But generally, it captured my attention more than many other piece’s with a similar situation, mainly because of the POV.

    She’s either going to get bitchier, or see the error of her ways. If bitchy means we get more lines like that killer last one, then bitchy it is… Reading on! MH :)

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