Hasty Preparations

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Prince Doran grabbed a saddle from the rack and set it on the stallion’s back, the horse’s white hair a stark contrast to his rough, olive skin. He finished strapping it to the beast, checked to see that his sword was secure in his belt, and mounted the steed. He was surprised to see Kerion on her own horse, waiting for him as he exited the stables.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” he asked her.

“Your mother, rest her soul, would have me flogged and clapped in irons if I let you gallop straight into that lioness’ jaws alone. I’m coming with you.” Doran began to protest, but he could see that Kerion had that look in her eyes. “I’ve also taken the liberty of reinstating your personal guard. Really, your highness, there are people in your own kingdom who would take your head for a copper, let alone those in Rutavia. You need to-”

“-start thinking before I act. Yes, thank you, Keri. Now, if we’re done talking, we have a world to save.” He trotted off toward the gate. Kerion rolled her eyes and followed.

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  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    You’re on a role with your names, mate…nice ones too. This doesn’t take the plot very far but it does introduce quite a few new characters and tells us a lot about the prince.

  2. Avatar kaellinn18

    Yeah, you can’t just introduce new characters and throw them in with absolutely no development. I wrote this to build Doran and Kerion a little and show how they could play off each other in the future.

  3. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Obviously the Juno/Therys comparisons are there, but I like that – it certainly raises the question of why there are so many young rulers in this world…

    Also interesting that Juno is compared to a ‘lionness’ – the difference between reality and perception should make for an interesting meeting, eh?

    Anyhoo, good technically and creatively. I miss some of the great description that really suits this story, but I see why the large amount of dialogue is neccessary.

    Good continuation – MH :)

  4. Avatar thelostgirl

    I like that Doran thinks he’s off to save the world and the person he considers (at least partially) to be an enemy also believes she is saving the world. Loving the contrasts here.

    And we have a name! Rutavia. Nice.

    @MH when I said Doran was young I envisioned him about mid-twenties to early thirties but I wasn’t specific about it in my entry.

  5. Avatar oldgraymare

    i love this seriiiies!

  6. Avatar kaellinn18

    For those who are interested, here are some stats for this series so far (as of 4:13PM EST Jan 10, 2010)

    - There are 21 installments in this series.

    - There are 7 contributing authors

    - Of the 21 installments in the series, 6 have been featured, giving a featured rate of over 28%.

    - The total combined views for this series is 1779! (Unreal)

    - The most popular piece is the one that technically started it all, Don’t Go Down To The Bottomless Lake Today, with 215 views.

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