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Gonna miss you guys so much. My ‘official/professional’ email is: abbywall2440@gmail.com in case anyone wants to keep in touch!


  1. The Last Ficly

    I said I wouldn’t cry… When I think back over the times I’ve poured my heart out on this site, I can’t believe I never considered a day when it would be gone. This place has always been more than a few pixels on my laptop screen...

  2. Ladies of the Night: (Mature)

  3. Sexuality (Mature)

  4. Change

    “You told me you don’t like blondes,” she accused, When she caught me looking at a lady in a short white dress, With straw coloured hair round her shoulders. “Dark head, dark soul, you said,” she said. “People change,” I told her.

  5. Kathryn

    When she was a grand total of eight years old, her grandmother took her on holiday to the seaside. Devon. It was a wet summer, and they spent most of the week in their shabby little hotel room playing backgammon on an old, wooden board that was cracke...

  6. Need.

    An electric fan, Because I’m scared of silence. A child’s night-light, Because I’m scared of the dark. An alarm clock, Because I’m scared of sleeping. And a bottle of wine, Because I’m scared of myself.

  7. Last Year

    I know. I know I said I needed sleep. But I’m caught between the beat of your heart and my own. You know, I feel you as strongly as anything, Or nothing. Lost in the wind, We were… Where were we last summer, Before the walls came crashing d...

  8. Autumn

    Jim liked Autumn. The leaves had turned, painting rainbows of khaki and auburn, amber and russet, jade and … obsidian across the treetops with an ice cold brush. In the mornings, before anyone else had got up, there was a thin layer of frost coating ...

  9. You jump, I jump...

    We’ll wander up To Beachy Head, And watch the sun go down. Picnic songs, and Hippie bongs… I swear that we won’t drown. We’ll take a plane To Mount Fiji, And camp for days on end. Marshmallow toasts, we’ll … Laugh at gh...

  10. January Snow

    It’s still snowing … only just … little flakes that fall on the curve of the wind that take a while to reach the white ground in the golden illumination of a standard, British, navy street-lamp. It’s still snowing … less than just …...

  11. Self-Harm: (Mature)

  12. Bipolarity (why I've been gone for so long)

    The world seems too bright in the night these days. But I can’t but begin to deny it. And I don’t know quite how to say the thin words that my heart beats too fast in the bright night these days… Or get out the words that my spit is ...

  13. Moment Reflected in an Icicle

    “Who’s there?” I lit the match with a single strike. I could feel the flame bringing out the blush of my cheeks, the green of my eyes. And he just stared – stared as though he couldn’t quite believe that I’d come back. After...

  14. Right Here

    Here with a bruise, me Stuck with a fresh bruise. Nothing to lose, me, Nothing to lose. I took up a knife, me Sliced and I sliced. But it didn’t suffice me, It didn’t suffice. So I reached for a drink, me Reached for a dark drink. Tried not...

  15. Murdered Whores

    I stood beside the corpse of the latest victim. The morgue was cold but peaceful, gloomy but strangely tranquil. And I just stood there, staring at the little white body under her little white sheet. Her skin was so pale, so perfect: long arms and long...

  16. Cancer

    I Am Going To Get Cancer. Huh. Funny how life keeps Giving me lemons Like that. Great Grandma died of it, Grandma died of it, Mother nearly died of it When I was 9 years old. I Am Going To Get Cancer. Intestinal … Bowel … Colon. Whatever you want...

  17. A Hurried Sherlock Moment

    “Your hair smells like the Berlin Regent.” Ben commented – a quick whisper that made all five of us jump. “You can smell that?” “It’s the only hotel in Germany that uses winter jasmine and vanilla. Expensive too.” “Now tha...

  18. A Tale of Three (pt 2)

    But as the snow fell on the red her silky form rose from the dead And floated through the woods as though her weave was white as Christmas snow. The pale gown then, grown grey with time and missing her once weary shine, Pulled her ribbons tight until s...

  19. A Tale of Three (pt 1)

    3 dresses, once, all tied up tight, went walking in the grey moonlight - 1 white, 1 red, 1 velvet-black together strolled a well walked track. The crimson crepes ran on ahead and dyed the evening air bright red, Painting circles in the dust with grace ...

  20. View from a Skyscraper Roof

    It’s hard not to lose yourself, isn’t it? Hard not to let go of everything that truly defines you under the pressure of rage, self-loathing … invisibility. We can’t really pretend to be something different and yet we can’t accept ...

  21. Fucked: (Mature)

  22. (Rusty)

    I’d always found the seats in the Chamber to be the most comfy of any meeting room. Maybe because of the curve of the bench or the softness of the red-stitched cushions. My elbows dug into my thighs, fingers smoothed my rapidly creasing brow. The...

  23. How Could You? (Mature)

  24. December

    I’m still stuck in December, writing Twelve instead of two. Eight months or ten aren’t different When it’s ten or eight with you. Snow or no snow? Warmth or cold? Clocks can be turned back I’m sure If I’m rich, I’m r...

  25. 32 (Mature)

  26. Feeling... (Mature)

  27. Biology Revision Part 2

    The process of meiosis has two distinctive stages. Division 1: the pairs pair up, exchange their chromatids, break up Then a chromosome from each pair goes to one of two poor cells And yet again, we’re doing well. Division 2: (we’re almost...

  28. Biology Revision

    The process of meiosis isn’t easy, makes me queasy. Words like genes, Alleles and locus Makes it difficult to focus. Meiosis forms 4 nuclei - 4 daughters: (please don’t ask me why they call them that) the girls have half the chromosomes of ...

  29. You Said.

    You said I was a tortured soul on a page of history, Stained in ink and blotted dark with blue-bruised mystery: A violet, faded, smudged-up sketch - A violent, jaded, budged-up sketch for only you to see. You said I was a dried out bloom in a bowl of p...

  30. Fiction (Mature)

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