Promise's Journey (1)

Avatar Author: Rez Greetham Well, college? As good a place as any I guess... A-Levels, and teacher annoyance. Mood dysregulation, bipolar disorder- hence the slightly erratic writing on occasion. Yeah, apparently things have a habit of showing the... Read Bio

Promise galloped away, fear in her eyes as the female matriarch chased her away from the other colts and fillies in the herd. She plunged into the undergrowth, and, as usual, she was followed. After what seemed like an age, the female turned back and Promise flopped to the ground in exhaustion. She dragged herself to her feet and followed the hoof prints back to the herd, but unlike the others, she did not announce herself to them, prefering to hover on the outskirts of the clearing they were currently inhabiting, trying to slowly work her way round to where her mother was standing, grazing with another young filly.

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