What's wrong with poetry?

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I’ve never seen
a poem
as a featured ficlet
and I don’t know why

Poetry is emotion
Poetry is pure
Poetry is writing too.

So comment on a poem
And rally around
Let’s get a poem UP THERE!!!

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Comments (7 so far!)

  1. Avatar BARomero

    I’m down with that, especially since my first two ficlies happen to be poems…

  2. Avatar N. Robertson

    Sweet. But should this be just impromptu poetry, or what?

  3. Avatar ernmander

    I agree, two of my ficlies are poems

  4. Avatar Oy

    @NRobertson I dunno. What do you think

  5. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Hmm. It’s certainly an interesting point. Perhaps you should make a challenge for it.

  6. Avatar Fyora Cartagan

    As much as I’d like to encourage all writing on here, I haven’t really felt like reading or writing poetry in about a year. I pondered writing about it, but I didn’t want to discourage anybody.

  7. Avatar One Time, One Chance

    Yes, yes, YES!
    I like the way you think.

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