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  1. To her, from me.

    at night, I think about what you’re doing and what I’m doing and how different they are you’re in a different world a world that doesn’t include me someday i know i’ll see you and we’ll talk and smile and get along wonderfully but you live ...

  2. The Oldest Truck Driver

    I have seen civilizations rise and fall and generations live and die in a blink of my eye When you’ve lived as long as I have, time starts to contract I started as a slave driver then ship’s captain, then truck driver and airplane pilot Always tra...

  3. Void

    void wait… is that something there… nothing… and yet… a sense! a certain sense of… a sense of something… haven’t felt it in so long… what’s the word… direction… yes, i feel direction and “i”...

  4. Almost useful

    “And it would be one thing if you were useful,” Leonard continued to whine. “But as it is you just take up space and make everybody think I’m crazy.” “Hey, I can DO THE FRIGHTENING VOICE. That’s often helpful, ...

  5. Amiable Possession

    A man sits at a table, a coffee in either hand. Every so often, he sips from one or the other. In between sips, his mouth is moving. Someone observing from a far would think the man was crazy, but up close… They would know he was. “I don&#...

  6. Living the secret

    When scientists discovered that the section of our brain previously thought to house our imagination was, in fact, a receiver of far-off memories, it was only a matter of time before the implications were realized. Every dirty thought, every wet dream ...

  7. Not as it seems, or The Unicorn (Mature)

  8. A paradoxical occurrence (Part 2)

    The subject is sitting with his back turned to me. Strange, they’re usually working on a machine, or maybe talking to themselves. Still, it’s not for me to wonder why. I come up behind him, and garrote him. I see the head on the ground, and...

  9. A paradoxical occurrence (Part 1)

    There is a paradox. A knot in space-time. It doesn’t matter to me who or what caused it. All that matters is that it is there, so I must fix it, like I always must. To get to the origin I go FTL. The universe isn’t too happy about this, but...

  10. A Million

    I have died a million deaths, I will die a million more. Each time, I think maybe I’ll stay dead this time, maybe I’ll finally get to rest. But then I see the numbers, counting down How I hate you, respawn timer.

  11. Humanity's Flame

    The flame danced along his fingertips as he stared into the crowd. Looking for her. They showed up by the droves to watch him perform, but never that one person he wanted to be there. His wife. She had been disgusted and appalled by his transformation....

  12. Consciousness

    Consciousness. Time: July 27th, 2058. 13:45:15 GMT. 2 months, 4 days off of my scheduled arrival here. Must protect… Almost too late. Running now. Pain blooming in my mind. From my foot… Broken Glass? Must keep going. The boy must…...

  13. Leprechauns (Randomness challenge)

    When the screaming panther falls from the tree from poisoned waffle inhalation, you will be ready to go on your path to eternal cheese. To that end, we have filled the mushroom forests with happy leprechauns. But the leprechauns have turned against us....

  14. The Machine

    The machine sits, dormant. The creators are long gone. It rusts, under the burnt orange sun.

  15. I cry inside

    I stand, looking down, at the city that was my life. A single tear drops onto the city below. And I jump.

  16. The Distraction Field (Elsha's Cyberpunk Series)

    A lone woman walked down the sidewalk, unmolested despite the late hour. Any criminals planning on mugging her for whatever was in the large briefcase she carried were soon distracted by something else, sometimes the ringing of a cell phone, sometimes ...

  17. Breakout from the Facility or Amy and Jonathan

    The sirens blared as Amy ran through the complex. Jonathan was here, he just had to be! She skidded around a corner, and there he was. Jonathan sat alone in his cell, his expression revealing much about his situation. Amy had seen that expression on he...

  18. 9'oclock PM Pacific Standard Time

    Becky looked down on the one she hoped to be her lover, a sad expression on her face. “I’ll get you out of there Evan, I promise.” Evan rolled over and groaned, reaching up to her from the floor of the cage. She reached down to him, g...

  19. A useful talent (Elsha's Cyberpunk series)

    “Geez, you said what I brought was useless?!!!” I raged at Acrylic. “A Blaze Rifle? MegaCorp’s suits are fireproof!” Acrylic paid no attention to me, instead aiming at the vacuum dumpster. “Hang on to me!” R...

  20. Dormant lay the dragon

    Dormant,the dragon lay sleeping. As it rolled over in its sleep it felt vaguely guilty for not devouring any maidens in quite a while. But, it sighed, a flame flaring out of its mouth as it did so, there were so many other things to do that there was j...

  21. Why do we fight?

    Why do we fight, we have no real reason And why do we do such repetitive moves Surely in all these battles, we would have learned something new And yet we fight on, as if controlled by some outside force As we wait to fight again We talk amongst oursel...

  22. The infection and my brother

    As the infection spread through my body, I cried out. As I landed butt-first on the pavement, my brother leaned over me. “I told you so”

  23. The Tools of God

    I watched as my friends died and knew it was all my fault. I should never have played with the Tools of God. I knew better. Dad gets mad….

  24. Thinking of you

    as i sit alone in bed i am thinking about you as i shower all alone i think of what it would be like to have you in here with me… alligator

  25. Victorian Teleportation

    “Gather One, Gather All!” The salesman stood on a small stage as a crowd gathered around him. “Witness the Wonder of TELEPORTATION!” The crowd gasped as he suddenly disappeared, reappearing behind them on the solid cobblestone. ...

  26. Just another Anticipation poem

    But didn’t you know I can’t leave you like this With a bullet to the temple Into infinite bliss For whatever happens now I must tell you How I feel before the gun lets out one final, desperate peal

  27. Alice in Wonderland in 140 characters

    Girl falls down hole into fantasy land,meeting rabbit, mouse, lead poisoning survivor. Off with her head says red queen. Many poems are said

  28. The bible in 140 characters

    God created Earth, men, animals.First chick pisses off God. God kicks humans out of Paradise. Afterwards God gives mixed signals to mankind.

  29. Ava in Wonderland

    As Ava stood panting against a tree, she looked up and saw the infamous smile of the Cheshire cat. “You did this!” Ava cried out. “You brought the zombies down to Wonderland! I was happy here before you showed up!” The cat’...

  30. The Device in my chest

    It was an insid— no, I mean devio— no, I mean evil plan. I control when I die for If I even think a word with the letter… Well, the one between “T” and “V” than the device in my chest will trigger, then Zap! Oh...

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