Nester - Hailstorm

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An invisible hailstorm ripped through space from the hull of The Volta. The deadly energy bolts quickly converged on the flanking hoard of enemy boarders. Roughly 2,000 body-armored soldiers were approaching The Volta from port as the main assault raged to the fore of the vessel.

The Nestors were expertly picking off the attackers with trained efficiency. Tara had tallied 17 kills thus far. No misses. Her prey floated aimlessly in space, their suits ruptured by her shots.

The computer highlighted a target. Her visor gave range and closure data. Tara shifted her rifle and fired. Seconds later, the orange targeting halo disappeared as the shot fell home and the enemy died.

The halo shifted and Tara adjusted. She squeezed her trigger again. The rifle recoiled. The halo disappeared. That’s 19.

The targeting halo adjusted again. Tara retrained her rifle again. She breathed. She squeezed. Recoil. The halo shif……

No it hadn’t.

The target was still glowing. Tara had, unthinkably, missed.

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  1. Avatar ronmurp

    Getting interesting. Tell me more.

  2. Avatar John Perkins

    Wonderful continuation of the moment. Very tense, and yet it keeps the feel of “business as usual” going. I think the pacing is still very well done.

    The only critique I have is that I believe “body armored” should be hyphenated to read “body-armored.”

  3. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    Awesome :) Love the feel to the whole thing! Great work!

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