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At some point, that cave wall was a blank slate…


  1. Endless Throat (Mature)

  2. 9:42 Departure (Mature)

  3. The Note (Mature)

  4. Council Chambers

    The council filed slowly into the room and took up their traditional positions in a semi-circle around the blazing fire. A servant was adding fresh wood to stoke the flames and heat the cold interior of the stone structure. The Elder stepped through th...

  5. The Shifting Pedestal

    A pedestal is no place to be. They’re unstable and wholly dependent on the construction of the floor. A shifting tile or an expanding crack can disrupt a pedestal’s base and end in disaster. The pedestal is nothing without its foundation. A...

  6. Quiet Sendoff

    Ben stood in the terminal near Gate 13 at DFW watching the Boeing jet get slowly pushed back into the taxiway. He leaned against a wall and tried to relax as he studied the plane. Using the scrutiny he had learned as an F-15 crew chief in the Air Force...

  7. Staggering Minutes

    The minutes stagger by, slowed by my perception and vain desire to make them run. They glance at me, a confused stare dominating their faces. I deeply know that I want more time. I want to relish experiences and live life. I know that time will expire ...

  8. Peace

    Captain Marced stood on the bridge, his eyes fixed on the viewscreen. The other ship loomed large and ominous, its parallel course seemed unnatural and somehow forged. He had never flown any formation with a Horon ship. He had only seen them in battle ...

  9. The Atheist Politician

    Vanity Fair: We’re speaking with Senator Bryce Davis of New Mexico today about his bid for the White House in 2012. Davis: I’m glad to be here, Paul VF: To get right to the chase, you’re running for President next year. Davis: Yes VF:...

  10. Demise

    Brittney surveyed the room from her place on the chair. An ancient layer of dust weighed everything down with age, as if it were time’s own signature. The chair’s metallic legs groaned under the sudden strain of Brittney’s weight. Her...

  11. The Pillar - Encode Pharaoh

    “Get them back here.” Salis barked at the bridge crew, but not to anyone in particular. “Open a channel to Command in the Sit Room.” The captain marched quickly out of C.I.C, trying to figure out what he was going to tell the brass when even he...

  12. The Unjust Gavel

    “I am power.” Said the Lord. “I am the creator and the saviour. I am the object of your worship and your devotion. And you will only rejoice in me.” Kenji Oshama looked up at this being, overcome by fear and awe. Moments ago, he...

  13. As I Sit Here

    As I sit here And think of you My mind swirls boundless Of the friction of reality. Amazing how A life joined And chained with you Is perfect freedom. As I sit here And imagine I can sense your presence Even when separated. Amazing how Brutal familiari...

  14. The Esses

    A quick glance out the driver’s side glass revealed the distance between Hector and the 19 of Emmit Swann. One might fit a fire hydrant between the cars as they drifted toward the wall on the outside of turn one. Hector slammed the transmission b...

  15. Assassin, Part I (Mature)

  16. Frustration!

    It’s just a few chapters. A bunch of chapters thrown together to make a story. You’ve got the idea, now just build it up and organize it! Chapters… They make the story. If George Lucas, Phillip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, William Gibson, P...

  17. Nagging

    After more than an hour, the screen finally went dark. Tonya turned away from her computer, a thoughtful expression on her face. She had been chatting with her sister in Australia again. Doubtless some new problem with her and Isaac fighting about the ...

  18. The Launch

    The flag was thrust down by slender hands, it’s frenzied flutter silenced by the roar of engines. In the space of a heartbeat, a hundred muscles in Hector’s body tensed and began a ballet of precision and balance rehearsed a thousand times ...

  19. Expectation

    Helen opened it again, excitedly eyeing the contents. Somehow, the diamond managed to sparkle, even in the darkness of the desk’s middle drawer. The jewler’s logo, a fancily scripted JP was barely visible on the velvet lining of the case. A...

  20. SitRep

    Tailor studied the empty air, his tactical light illuminating the wall opposite him with vivid precision. There was nothing there. Just the cold, whisping fog the environmental system was generating after weeks of neglect. Tailor keyed his mic, “...

  21. Loman Whispers

    How did Biff put it? “To suffer fifty weeks of the year for sake of a two-week vacation, when all you really desire is to be outdoors, with your shirt off.” As I stare into this double-monitor, surrounded by sales awards, shipping maps of t...

  22. Arlen, Forgotten

    “Oh, hi Arlen.” the old man said from his arm chair, still fumbling for his TV Guide. The younger man crossed the room, a forced smile on his face. He took a chair by its back and effortlessly spun it backwards, straddling it like in the co...

  23. Paranoia

    The door was shut. It shouldn’t be shut. Doesn’t make sense. Tailor thought to himself. If they left in such a hurry, like Sanus claimed, the door would be open. Not closed. They would’ve run down the corridor, bolted through this doo...

  24. Nesters - Fighting Room

    Tara’s visor had flashed red twice more, signifying the death of two more of her men. By the time she had popped her U-cord and stood, it flashed once more. She was seething with fury at the loss of five of her men, her soldiers, her family. Her ...

  25. Second Chancers - At the Beach

    The vessel rested alone on the beach, a blanket of snow collecting on its metallic hide. Only the howling of the wind gusts permeated the cold silence. Night had fallen on Iceland, shrouding the mysterious craft in darkness. The stillness was penetrate...

  26. Second Chancers - Report

    The heavy doors flung open with a violent crash, smacking a young slave girl, breaking her nose. Stefnir never broke stride as he raced the cold evening air into the hall. Gunnar rose from his seat as his warrior approached, winded from his long run. &...

  27. The Opposing Rush

    Tightening his grip around her throat, Winston relished the feeling of his pulse quickening as hers faded into silence.

  28. The Highest Rules

    “There’s gotta be rules, Jesse!” the boy shouted across the table. “We made ‘em and they’re being stupid.” Jesse crumpled the paper and threw it on the smooth surface of the table. “Whatever, Jeh. I’...

  29. The Pillar - A Quiet Conversation

    The eyes were glowing. It was a dark, forbidding shade of blue. It was Tom Relk, Commander Stine decided. But he sure as hell wasn’t human anymore. As the figure completed its turn to face the group, Jones gasped. “He’s breathing!” Impossible! ...

  30. Jamison's End

    Most stories begin with a beginning. This one begins with an ending. Jamison was dead. Blood had leaked out of the bullet hole in the side of his head and formed a tacky pool on the hardwood. His eyes were still wide with the shock of his final moment....

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