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“This is goram eerie,” Cherish whispered in the blue glow. She stood behind her mechanic Stephen, he was wearing that fuchsia and orchid nightmare of a shirt again.

Piping through the cortex was a twenty-first century rendition of a Firefly complete with what seemed for all intents and purposes her male counter part. She scratched her chin and leaned down where Stephen was sitting cross legged.

“You show anyone else this thing?” She asked, a little worried about Selena and Sandstones reaction to the primitive film.

“Nope, thought I’d have you check it out, Captain.” He seemed mostly amused, and beamed up at the sandy haired woman’s scowl.

“Right. Let’s be keeping this to ourselves, for now, ok di di?”

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  1. Avatar John Perkins

    Interesting take on the challenge. Though not in the Firefly universe, it still has the right tone and character.

    I really like that you worked outside of the box and still made it fit.

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