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“He’s done it again!” Seth’s agent bellowed over the phone. Seth could imagine his hot booty of an agent gripping the phone and holding her hands to the sky as if presenting Seth’s genius to the ether.

“Well I try,” Seth smiled. He was excited. It’s his first book idea he’s had in about a year and a half and he was happy to tell Gloria. “Now, I have just the outline, but I can get this to you in a month, two months tops.”

“Don’t care ‘bout time Seth, you always pull through. You know Scott at Crown is going to piss his pants when he hears you’ve got another Times seller in ya.”

“Don’t count chickens Gloria,” Seth laughed.

“I’m clairvoyant can’t you tell?” Gloria asks playfully. “Tell me the idea again!”

“Well it starts with a body—”

“Wait! Changed my mind, I’m too giddy! Email the outline, I’ll read it in the tub.” Gloria hung up.

Seth smiled. “Another best seller?” Seth thought, “Maybe, first let’s clean this up.”

Seth pulled off his latex gloves and looked down at his fresh corpse.

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  1. Avatar Steve Saylor

    I know this story can be a bit cliched. But I can honestly say I have not seen this done before other than Dexter, which was sort of it’s inspiration, in concept only. It’s main inspiration was the TV show Castle which I love! I have not seen Dexter yet but after hearing good things I may try it. Who knows it could help spawn some sequels.

  2. Avatar Martin Belanger

    Nicely macabre. ;-)

  3. Avatar Steve Saylor

    Thank you!

  4. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Very good, reminds me a lot of a story I wrote a while back:

    I only post the link because you might be interested, not because I’m plugging my own stuff…

    Anyhoo, you did catch me out and the ending was very good – the dialogue is strong and Seth is the perfect name for this guy, sounds all serpent-y and sly!

    Well done – MH :)

  5. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    This was cool. Nice speech and clever characters. Confused as to where the name came from. Probably something beyond my mental capacity.
    Good one
    Abby x

  6. Avatar Steve Saylor

    Thank you! I was actually very happy with this story. Oh and MH I will read the story and let you know what I think.