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A smile spread across his face and it seems to light up.
“It’s been a while.” He said softly in his velvet voice.
“I know…” I whisper
His face seems to fall a little.
“How are you?” He asks
“I’m fine…”
The silence stretches between us.
“How are you really?” He pushes his eyes ablaze with worry.
“It doesn’t matter…” I reply
“Please tell me.”
“Why? Why does it matter to you? You were the one that left. The one who said it wasn’t worth anything. Why does it matter?” I scream at his stunned face.
“I…I didn’t think you would act like this…” He murmurs
“What? So I’m supposed to forget about it all?”
“Then what?” I spit.
“I don’t know…” He sighs
I glance away.
“I’m so sick of the lies and all the empty promises Josh.”
“I know.”
Another long silence stretches between us.
“Why did you come back?”
“I’m not sure.”
I sigh and turn back to face him and I’m startled to see the agony in his eyes.

“I don’t know why, but I can’t resist you. You have stolen my heart…I think I love you.” He whispers.

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