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  1. Patchwork

    I can feel my heart swelling in my chest. I can feel its glow. When I close my eyes I can see it, a patchwork of reds, a kaleidoscope of colours. Bright crimson like blood, soft blush like that of a shy child and the warm glowing red of a sunset. There...

  2. Dance

    Two small, delicate hands that were as fragile as glass fluttered and swayed through the air. Slightly scarred though they were, they were still graceful. As if they belonged to a dancer. For some time, she danced alone. Eventually though, another pair...

  3. From the Things we Cannot Fight

    It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you. I’ve heard things about you, things that make me worry. I ask you if these things are true. Pain shoots across your face for a fleeting moment. And without any further prompting, you begin t...

  4. Raw

    Gasping she reached for the knife at her side. Slowly, with practiced moves, she pulled the blade along her wrist like so many other times before. A small sound escaped her lips, but she quickly stifled it. It was an addiction. As much as she knew it w...

  5. Bruises

    “Believe me. You left your mark.”

  6. I'll wait for you

    All day he didn’t stop. He didn’t take time to eat, or rest, or catch his breath. He thought that if he kept moving, so would everything else. He didn’t stop because if he stopped then maybe what he had been told was really true, because if h...

  7. Ready

    “Hurry up Sarah, we’re gonna be late!” James called from the bottom of the stairs. “I’m coming, go put Jacob in the car and I’ll be down in a sec.” Sarah replied. Below her Sarah heard her husband’s footsteps on the stairs and her son

  8. Better

    You may feel alone when you are falling asleep, and every time a tear rolls down your cheeks. Each time you walk into a crowded room without me by your side and whenever you hear our song. But I know that your heart belongs to someone you have yet to m...

  9. No idea

    You’re right. I don’t have any idea what you’re going though. I have no idea how hard it is to let someone go. How painful it must be to know that as right as you two are for each other, it doesn’t mean that you can be together....

  10. Over

    And just like that it was over. A simple “I hope you find someone to make you happy like I never could,” and it’s all over. A swift kiss on the cheek and a small smile before you hug me close one last time, and leave. Within a few min...

  11. Changed

    You want the truth? Well, here it is. Eventually, you will find someone. Maybe they were the person who saved you from ending it all, or the person you sat next to in Spanish for the last five years, or the person that lives just around the corner that...

  12. Truth

    The truth is painful. Deep down nobody wants to hear it, especially if it hits close to home. Sometimes we tell the truth because that’s all we have to give. Sometimes it’s to save ourselves, or someone else. We tell the truth because somet...

  13. Cold

    As he slowly ploughed through the icy snow, he fought against his thoughts along with the freezing wind that was battering his body. The cold bit into his skin, taking with it every ounce of warmth he had left within him. The fog swirled around his fro...

  14. Pig

    Dear Aaron, I’m not sorry. I meant every word I said. I know I hurt you, but I think those were words you needed to hear. You needed to hear them because if you didn’t you’d never change. You would always be the same stuck up pig you alwa...

  15. Stolen

    A smile spread across his face and it seems to light up. “It’s been a while.” He said softly in his velvet voice. “I know…” I whisper His face seems to fall a little. “How are you?” He asks “I’...

  16. Want

    I’ve got this feeling, that you only have so much time to do, or see, or feel, or hear, that special something. And once you’ve heard, or seen, or felt, or done whatever that may be, you can say you have succeeded. In your life, or your goa...

  17. Agony

    Every breath. Every glance. Every word. Agony. I look out the window, unseeing, as the waves of pain wash over me, drowning me. I feel empty, like he took not only my heart, but everything else with him when he left, leaving me as an empty shell. He le...

  18. Fade

    As time passes things get easier. Slowly you forget the feelings they inspired in you. The love and the hurt fades and slowly gets pushed into the background. Though knowing these things never makes it easier when the pain is fresh. You curl up in a ba...

  19. Forget.

    And soon you forget her name, her face and her voice. All the things you did, the places you went and the people you knew, they don’t mean anything anymore. It’s all just faded into the past, like so many other things. Lost. A dog barks and a siren...

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