Making a Baby

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“Now you be the dad, I’ll be the mom and Tanner can be our baby,” dictated Mary to her circle-time best friends.
“But I don’t wanna be the baby!” declared Tanner.
“Maybe we can both be the dad,” decided Andrew.
“No,” said Mary. “A family needs a mom, and a dad, and a baby. Otherwise, how will I know who to kiss?”
“KISS?!” exclaimed Andrew and Tanner, both of them horrified at the idea of four-year-old girl cooties.
“Don’t you know how this works?” Mary sighed, exasperatedly. “The mom kisses the dad, and that’s how they have the baby.”
“Oh,” said Andrew, nervously.
“I’ll be the baby!” volunteered Tanner, now comfortable with his role.
“Stand still and close your eyes,” Mary directed. “I’ll kiss you, and then we’ll have Tanner.”
Andrew, his eyes squeezed as tightly as his fists, followed orders. Mary, now faced with the actual opportunity, was a bit less sure, but leaned up, closer and closer…
“Mary! Andrew! What do you think you’re doing?” exclaimed Miss Shelia, the daycare director.
“She made me!”

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  1. Amj Lone Writer

    Very cute moment! :) I know a lot of us thought this way when we were small.

  2. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    Sweet. Something many of us can relate to. Cooties are not easy to get rid of you know.

  3. Avatar Lighty

    This captures really well the little kid mentality. I love the worldly little girl who acts like she knows everything because she knows marginally more than the other two. It’s so true. The last line made me chuckle. Oh! and Tanner, how suddenly he’s perfectly happy being the baby when faced with the prospect of cooties. Really well written, and you manage to keep the dialogue clear which can be hard with multiple characters and little else.

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