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“This is my letter to the World /
That never wrote to Me”
- Emily Dickinson


  1. To Jacob

    Outside looking in it’s hard to know how to feel. My grief is small, insignificant, hardly worth mentioning or sharing yet sharing is all I want to do. I need to feel connected to a larger whole even as you feel all alone. I have no place in y...

  2. Difference Between

    You are my candle flame, warm and bright. The beacon that led me out of darkness and into our future. You are my candle flame, calling me home comforting me again. But, him. He is the burning embers that still smolder in my soul. The spark that...

  3. Driven

    When I was in college, a professor asked me to choose one word to describe myself. I chose “driven” as the word to characterize my nineteen-year-old life. Now, I only feel as though I’ve “driven” into a cliff wall. After t...

  4. Ten Years Has Gone So Fast

    We were sixteen, and nothing had ever changed our lives before. We’d seen terror on the news, bombs exploding, school shootings in high schools much like ours, but our lives always continued on the same. We walked into chemistry, and our teacher ...

  5. Amy Hit the Atmosphere

    He used to love sunny days. Everything was easier when the sky was open and blue, but now the sun just seemed heavy. Oppressive. He wished he could wash this sunny day down to the gutter, just to get a change of pace. He blamed her. Amy entered his lif...

  6. Marriage

    “Hey sweetie.” “Hey.” “How was your day?” “Fine. Your’s?” “Fine. What do you want for dinner?” “Hold on. Let me finish this level.” “…so. Dinner. Any ideas?”...

  7. Phone Call From My Sister

    “Can you believe it, Mom and Dad just bought me a new car!” …..

  8. Randy

    Randy scanned the dancing crowd hopefully. Sure, Laura had said she wasn’t coming. Actually, her exact words had been, “I wouldn’t be caught dead at a stupid dance, with you or any other guy.” But girls changed their minds a lot...

  9. Words Left Unsaid

    “We made it. It’s hard to believe we’re here,” Anna said to me, draping the tassel correctly over my mortarboard. “I know. Yet here we are, with the student loans to prove it,” I joked, trying not to focus on the sol...

  10. Innocence Stolen

    “You know I only do this because I love you so much……..”

  11. Better Than the Last

    A long December, and there’s reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last It certainly couldn’t get much worse, could it? I can’t remember the last thing that you said as you were leaving, now the days go by so fast ...

  12. Instant Messaging after the Capulet Party

    J: omg rose! i met the cutest guy at my dad’s party 2nite! R: oh yea? u have all the luck. i wish my parents had let me go! J: oh i know i so wish u had been there. he was adorable romantic just the absolute most perfect guy ever! and guess what ...

  13. From Randy to Tyler

    Tyler – If you’re gonna ask her out, just do it already. We’re sick of hearing about it. Randy wasn’t entirely honest with Tyler. Yes, he and his friends were sick of hearing Tyler talk about Liz at lunch, but at least that was...

  14. (Happy) Birthday

    It was Cora’s 18th birthday, and she looked beautiful. Her straight brown hair had been curled for the occasion, and it fanned out around her heart-shaped face. Her mother had agreed to a little pink lipstick, to add some color, and because pinks...

  15. Love Story

    There once was a rock. It was a particularly pretty rock, called a Tiger’s Eye, but a rock nevertheless. I was twelve, and I was in love. That rock became the Christmas present for my beau because, “I want you to have something to carry aro...

  16. Randy Lee in 25 years

    In 25 years I’ll be old. Ancient. Almost 40. My dad’s not even that old yet, and what does he have to show for his life? A big fat nothing. Except me, I guess. It’s hard for me to see what I’ll be doing then, because I can hardl...

  17. Friday Nights

    Friday night meant football. The whole town would gather for The Big Game, in tee-shirts and shorts in August to Carhartts and toboggans in October. Everyone was there. The moms, bragging about their kids, whose pictures they wore as buttons on their b...

  18. Desk #2: Randy Lee

    The note landed back on Randy’s desk. He felt encouraged when he read Ben’s support of his plan. Even though Randy figured Ben liked Laura too, he knew Ben wouldn’t have the guts to do anything about it. Besides, Randy was only popula...

  19. Results

    She read the results. They fell from her hand. Not this. Cancer.

  20. Anxious

    I can’t breathe. It’s so tight, enclosed, I’m wedged between two strangers with no chance of escape. What was I thinking? Flying? Why did I even consider this a possibility? I took the pills my doctor prescribed. Why aren’t they...

  21. Reaching and Settling

    “I don’t know why you read this garbage,” Seth said, picking up the copy of Cosmo from beside the bed. “It’s just overpriced makeup and sex tips… not that you ever use any.” “Sometimes I need a break from...

  22. Making a Baby

    “Now you be the dad, I’ll be the mom and Tanner can be our baby,” dictated Mary to her circle-time best friends. “But I don’t wanna be the baby!” declared Tanner. “Maybe we can both be the dad,” decided...

  23. from Black Widow

    which is how my third husband died. Unfortunately, California was no longer a safe place for me to be, because I certainly didn’t have the money to clear up his gambling debts either. And so, one week later, I moved back to Georgia with my black ...

  24. Warm and Cuddly

    There’s just something about a cat. Yes, they’re sometimes fickle and standoffish, but usually they’re loyal, comforting, and loving. At least that’s the way my cat, Jack, behaved. He was my best friend, the one who kept me warm...

  25. Clothing Store Cashier

    Customer: That dress should ring up 20% off. My voice: Actually, it’s the one next to it that’s on sale: the one with the sign directly above it. My head: Duh. Customer: Well, it would make more sense for both dresses to be on sale. My vo...

  26. Sixteen Year Old Brain

    The 16-year-old boy in my 8th period English class: I hate this Shakespeare junk. Who cares about this stuff anyway? Except my teacher, but she has to like it I guess. I’m never going to need to know about Hamlet. Although, listening to Kristin r...

  27. Car Ride

    The lights were closer now. It seemed like a big vehicle, an SUV perhaps, judging from the way the lights poured into the small car she was traveling in. It was bright enough now that she could see the terror, anger, and stanch resolve on the face of h...

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