The Wardens of Mars, Part 2

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As Amy ran ahead, Jeff thought about her question.

His father used to live in a time when questions about being related to Martians would have been the byproduct of an overactive imagination. But then the Wardens came to Mars, giving the question credibility to every youngster that shared Jeff’s surname.

When Howard pushed Jeff towards their dad to ask that question – God, has it really been 26 summers since then? – the Wardens had been on Mars for about a decade. They came, unannounced, on the day Howie was born. The only clue of their arrival was the sudden disappearance of Mars. It was still there, all right. At least that’s what the scientists said. You just couldn’t prove it by looking through a telescope.

Jeff walked through the back door then came into the kitchen, trying to slide up next to Fran to steal a kiss, but she stood transfixed by the vidscreen on the wall.

“They’re going to do it. My God, they’re actually going to do it!”

“Do what,” asked Jeff as he turned toward the screen the wall.

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