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  1. There and Back Again

    The tension was unbearable. Seconds from now the LSH-13 mission would launch, ending mankind’s 40 year exile on this island Earth. I remember when manned spaceflight was an adventure. We had landed on the moon and had gone back. Then tragedy stru...

  2. One Man's Last Stand

    We knew it was coming. Word had come from the south of the devastation that lay it its wake. I hesitated, then sent my family to safety. Their desire to stay and help defend our home was overruled by my hopes of sparing them the carnage that was on its...

  3. Half and Half

    Mom lives in Boston. Dad is in California. I am their yo-yo.

  4. Told You So

    I was smugly confident, for I had science on my side. Armageddon? 2012? Nonsense! It was just another page in the Mayan calendar. Just one more fantasy from the snake-oil peddlers out for a fast buck. Then they saw the meteor coming. It would be bad, b...

  5. A Change of Heart

    I’ve always hated helicopters. My dad was a flying nut and always took us to airshows during the summer. They were ok, but I usually wanted to be somewhere else. He meant well, trying to share something he loved passionately with his sons, but I ...

  6. The Wardens of Mars, Part 3

    Fran had the current news stream tuned in. Several talking heads were perched around a virtual 3D representation of the Red Planet. “Next month marks the 37th anniversary of the occupation of Mars by the aliens popularly called The Wardens,”...

  7. The Wardens of Mars, Part 2

    As Amy ran ahead, Jeff thought about her question. His father used to live in a time when questions about being related to Martians would have been the byproduct of an overactive imagination. But then the Wardens came to Mars, giving the question credi...

  8. The Wardens of Mars, Part 1

    “Daddy?” Jeff Warden turned to his eight year old daughter and crouched down. “What is it, Ames?” “Mommy needs you inside.” As Jeff began to straighten up, Amy spoke again. “D-Daddy?” Her tone made it sou...

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