Night Flight pt 2

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“Oh my,” Tanin was aghast with horror as he flew headlong into a giant arachnid web.
“Tanin!” Falina’s little voice cried, as she flapped her arms through the air nearly losing flight. She turned back around to see Tanin stuck and covered in the gooey web, as Lord Arachnii’s chops dripped with poison.
“Don’t move Tanin,” Falina shouted, it will only attract his attention.
“Mmmm.. Pixy Food for dinner tonight!” Arachnii hissed.
Careful not to entangle herself, Falina pulled and heaved, and pulled some more until Tanin came free. The two pixies tumbled to the forest floor, head over heels with Falina’s wings flapping as fast as she could muster. With a tug and pull, a grunt and moan, Falina managed to pull Tanin over her as the thick pine-needle underbrush of the forest cushioned their tumble.
The two lay there huffing and puffling.
Tanin checked his limbs and his wings.
Falina lay staring at the soft purple glow of the forest canope overhead.
“You saved me,” Tanin gasped, then giggled, “Let’s do it again”

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I like it! I think it will only attract his attention needs to be in speech marks but I love how Tanin is so, well, pixie-like!

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Night Flight by ALRO613 (LoA)