02 twenty-four (part 2)

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It was 6 o’clock. And Scott was pissed.

Scott’s daily routine almost revolved around Addison, and sometimes it was hard to see her as she was a paramedic and he was an attorney and their worlds were completely different, as were their personalities.

Lately, she had been distant. And there was something different about her, but Scott couldn’t pinpoint what it was or the reason for it. And it bugged him to no end.

But soon, it wouldn’t matter. Because she said that she would marry him. After 24 hours.


Addison was coughing blood.

Josh kneeled beside her bed. ‘Addie, you’re getting weaker…’

‘Yeah, I know,’ she replied, hoarsely. Gavin blinked back his tears.

‘… good thing I got rid of Scott… at least for 24 hours?’

’He’ll be—’ Josh began.

‘Pissed.’ Gavin finished, quietly. Addison smiled, her colour paling.

‘I lived long enough… didn’t I, Josh?’


‘Long enough for Scott.’

She smiled up to the ceiling. ‘I don’t want to die in front of him.’



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  1. Avatar Catherine

    What!? No! I don’t like this well, I mean I like it but I don’t like the fact that she’s dieing! Poor Scott….

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