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sixteen. female. realist. impulsive thinker. reader. writer. creative-ist. procrastinator.

i find salvation in sugar and honey and oatmeal cookies and i hide my fears in coffee cups.

all i need is inspiration. and a deadline.


the string theory.
series of short stories featuring the same characters in different dimensions.

01 decampment.
02 twenty-four.
part 1 posted.
part 2 posted.
part 3 coming soon.
part 4 coming soon.


  1. 02 twenty-four (part 3)

    It was one day later. He wouldn’t admit to anyone else, but Scott had missed her. 8 am. Scott frowned, confused. In front of her house, the house left to her by her parents, were people. “What’s happening here?” asked Scott, his frown deep...

  2. 02 twenty-four (part 2)

    It was 6 o’clock. And Scott was pissed. Scott’s daily routine almost revolved around Addison, and sometimes it was hard to see her as she was a paramedic and he was an attorney and their worlds were completely different, as were their perso...

  3. 02 twenty-four (part 1)

    ‘Marry me.’ Addison blinked. It was an order, not a question. She fought the urge to giggle at his forthrightness. ‘Oh, Scott,’ she said, grinning at her boyfriend’s somewhat blushing face. Scott grunted, looking down at her f...

  4. 01 decampment.

    They both run past two blocks of high-rise buildings, panting, their lungs rattling out like steam engines. ‘How much farther?’ Addison shouts, being careful not to drop the package. ‘Not much!’ Scott answers, as they both weav...

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