Nothing But A Thing

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The lawman approached the front desk, flashing his badge at the worn down attendant.

“Officer Slain! Thank God you’re here,” greeted the clerk. “I’ve just about had it with these rubbernecks.”

“Has anyone else been in the room?” Replied Slain, replacing the badge to his pocket.

“No, nobody, but I don’t think there’s anything of interest left.”

“It may not be of interest to you, but everything in that room has a story to tell, and it’s my job to listen,” Slain said, ducking under the yellow security tape. “You people don’t seem to realize it, but everything keeps record of what happens around it. Generally I start with the walls, because they have the most to say, but even that microwave in the corner might have seen something of importance. I’ll need a list of everything that’s been in and out of this room.”

“Everything?” asked the clerk.

“Everything. To you, these are nothing but things, but they speak to me.” And with that Slain interfaced with the nearest wall, listening to all it had to tell.

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  1. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    I like the approach that “things” other people blow off are actually vitally important. Well written!

  2. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    This is good. But it sounds like just a beginning or a middle. I’d like to see it sequelled. Good speech. Nice view of the challenge.
    Abby x

  3. Avatar Concerned Reader

    Thanks y’all. I hadn’t thought about continuing it, because I felt like it stood well enough on its own, but now I may take a second look at Slain’s world. I’ve kind of developed a habit of just coming up with snippets of a world. Maybe it’s time I expanded one a bit.

  4. Avatar Insert Pen Name Here

    Very nice, it’s a great interpretation of the “CSI” sort of scenario. I like how Slain (great name, by the way) acts superior to the clerk, and I can just see him finding some amazing clue and pissing off the clerk. Thanks for entering!

  5. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    I like it but it feels cut off somehow. Like it should be longer. Maybe a sci-fi story. Nice take on the challenge

  6. Avatar Concerned Reader

    The sequel is now up, and it’s the starting of a sci-fi story.

  7. Avatar Concerned Reader

    Hmm, or perhaps something more sci-fantasy.

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