The Restaurant of Horror

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Lilian cautiously entered the resteraunt, examining every inch of the room for an enemy siting. She no longer worried about trying to avoid the puddles of blood all over the ground.

Suddenly she heard something from behind the bar. She quickly turned her gun in the direction, but it was too late. The zombie attacked, pushing her to the floor and digging his decaying jagged teeth into her neck until blood began to spurt out. He bit at the wound, drinkng the red liquid and chewing on the veins and tendons. Within minutes, she had bled to death. However, the zombie was not finished. He clawed at her entire body and face with his thick nails. He tore her skin into hundreds of small chunks which flew off her body until her muscles and some organs became exposed beneath the oozing blood.

Her nose made an awful cracking sound as he chewed it off. The remaining skin, scalp, and hairwas ripped off her head as the zombie scratched out her eyes. He then went to work eating her inards.

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  1. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    eww ::shudders:: that is an interesting picture lol.

  2. Avatar AM FM


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