New Born

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“Jesus Christ am not a doctor, am just a Dentist.” A man shouted in the over crowding lounge inside the theater. The crowd looked on ward in awe as the woman pushed and pushed as she attempted with every breath to push along the baby.

“I have no experience in this matter, once the baby forms teeth we can talk.” The dentist spoke to the woman sprawled across the floor. “If you want to be able to walk from this area you will say exactly all the words I would want to hear from a doctor.” The woman replied to the dentist pausing in between words.

The dentist paused sighed at the thought of performing a birth in the middle of the floor in the theater. “Well if I have no choice in this matter, might as well get it over with.” The dentist bit his tongue with every word he spoke. With great exhaustion the baby was born well past the new day. The dentist stood from the floor, “Well it’s a boy everyone meet Richard.”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    where was the ambulance?! and where did you get the idea of using a theater? that is a unique location. The dentist did a good job!

  2. Avatar Francis James

    The ambulance was stuck in traffic the hole time. The theater ideal came from when I spent a day in Vancouver and walked past many aged theaters and I guess my brain was stuck on what I saw that day.

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