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Dear Pearly,
Perhaps you wouldn’t believe me, but yes, I’m currently living in Year 2011. I’m the future you. Freak out now, because I did freak out when I saw this letter.

Breath in, out, in, out, in, out.

Throw out all your classics if you hate them and stop fibbing that you’ve read them all. Nobody will hate you for hating Oliver Twist or not liking Emma! Just read something you like.

How did you know?

Study hard and don’t you think that you would score in GCSE just because I did. The future changes, my dear. Study hard enough to get your 6A1s. I won’t begrudge you for more.

I will.

Treat that big, burly guy sitting in front of you better. It’s always better to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


Play hard and study harder. Wait, strike that out. Study hard and play harder.



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  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    Ah, a future subject to change by the actions of the reader.


    Now I wonder about your italicized and emboldened phrases. Are those actually written down because the writer experienced the same things? Or are they the reactions of the reader to the letter and not actually written down?

    The content of the letter I do find a little bit of a cliche I’m afraid. Perhaps you should have focused on making the letter a more personal? Remember that this is a letter between the same people, so the content would be a little cryptic to outside readers.

  2. Avatar Lighty

    I love the style of this, it’s an engaging read, and amusing. I agree with Third Robot that the contents could be more personal, are those really the most important things to mention?
    I like the touch of setting it in the future, is to you now, or a past you?

  3. Avatar intoxicatedsmiLes

    Hey! Thanks for the comments. :D I’ll take note.

    @The Third Robot: Well, those are the action of the present me. So I thought I’ll just separate it from the letter by bolding or italicizing it.
    It’s written by the future me, so I made the letter be shown through the reading of the present me.

    @Lighty: Well, I’m more of like stressed out by exams and literature, so I mentioned the both of them. Also, this is to the present me, written by a girl older by a year. :D

    Thanks for the comments once again!

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