Warning on the Ford, Speak Shakespearean Challenge

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Anon Take Care, for in this silvered glass, which doth reflect the world unto thee, the subjects of thy visage, the objects of thy gaze, may, perceived by thee, be nearer anon unto thee than thou dost cogitate, and therefore, present to thee a dire danger.

Modern Standard English Translation:

Warning : Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.

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  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    yes! i think i may have to scratch out the previous, dull warning and istall this new exciting one.

  2. Avatar intoxicatedsmiLes

    Nice. :D

    Even though I’m studying Shakespeare, I don’t sort of understand some of the words you use.

    Oh man, Shakespeare, here I come again. D:

  3. Avatar GreatNorthWoodsGirl

    Love it!