The World Closed its Eye

Avatar Author: Barefoot Contessa She always enjoyed this part of her day, when she could get home, unload, unwind, and eat a little something . But what she loved most importantly was to kick off her shoes. For years she lived deplored. Socks on inside, ... Read Bio

The eyelids slowly close on the world to the dark behind them, and those who are still awake play in the dreams of The Creation. Those who sleep dream with it, of the eye on the other side. As we close our eyes, we assume they are the same, the lids slide down like the sun and the moon. Darkness falls. What if we were only seeing the world with one eye? We see the light through our left or our right, stuck in this world half blind. Our other seeing but not translating, feeding in but not reacting out, to a world completely different. Or maybe much the same.

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  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    Oh boy… My processing chips went bust again.

    I did enjoy this though. I just found it a little tough to follow along with.

  2. Avatar Barefoot Contessa

    I’ll revise it and make easier. Thanks!

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