Experiment (Robert)

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Robert waited anxiously on the top step outside the large metal doors to the lab. The crowd wouldn’t let up. There had been constant noise for twenty long days: it had started with a few hard-core hippies and puritan-minded Christains, but had built up until it was estimated that seventeen million camped in the surrounding area.

He had told his superiors that telling the public was a bad idea, but they insisted that the people knew and could have their say, even if the powers chose to ignore it.

The jet black car began to push his way through the last few rows of protestors. The driver had called Robert and told him that it had taken the car ten hours to push through the millions.

Robert felt for the girl, though. She had close to no idea what was going on. She knew what it would do to her, just not the reaction that had been building whilst she was in seclusion.

The car pulled through the front row of tents, hippies and religious enthusiasts and stopped as the door began to open.

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