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“As the tide washed in, the Dutch Tulip Man faced the Ocean:
“Conjoiner rejoinder poisoner concealer revelator. Look at it, rising up and rising down, taking everything with it.”
“What’s that?” Anna asked.
“Water,” the Dutchman said. “Well, and time.”

-John Green


  1. Terra

    She threw a little sound Through her two front teeth That trembled through the ancient ground And sent the sprites to sleep Lit by amber fireflies They slumbered through the years Till they awoke with widened eyes Blue with angel tears For they awoke ...

  2. One Last Beautiful Thing

    Remiyu Fukasawa stepped through the door of his one-bedroom flat. He often wondered if it had been worth it: following in his mother’s shoes and going into mental health. The children he worked with had all had it so much harder than Remiyu; how ...

  3. Fallen Angel

    Falling fast, Moira was still failing to fly. Hair flailing abaft, claws struggling against gravity, it was only luck that could aid a falling guardian, and that was not playing in God’s court today. Hurtling towards vast grounds, only wings cou...

  4. Water

    Helixa woke in total darkness, her left arm pinned beneath her. Her right arm was surprisingly free, and with it, she pushed at a stone above her. It fell almost too easily and she found herself staring, not at the magnificent temple ceiling, but at a ...

  5. A Word

    It begins. A word. Sleek and dignified, Seeping in through the eyes, Careering over the lips Into the world. A single word Humming noisily, Starting as only these letters Only to grow wider Spreading into the ether. Just one word. It flips a switch, Li...

  6. Grace

    A tension stiff with scent sits between our quivered eyes staring straight into the other. A whisper barely audible scatters the silence into tiny baubles scattering. A light touch quickens me. I can hear the blood pulsing through my veins. A kiss rife...

  7. Poem for Floyd

    In times of past I found my heart hardened by stone, too cold to start circled by defensive fears spurred onward by the creaking gears, but with you came a rowdy click: a candle burned too close to wick that found me reveled in the light a stone cold h...

  8. Waves

    The smell of salt sifts in the air like the sand between my toes onto my tongue and invades every part of me piercing the scales of my armour. I am alone on this beach and off it. The waves begin to lick my heels chasing me as I walk inland. I don̵...

  9. Hanging Names

    A thousand tags swing like socks on a backdoor line. Clack against each other in the wind, swaying in cycles. Souls cling to painted signs, the remains of loved names. With every gust a spirit is lost. Their lives washed away with the sand as waves rus...

  10. Gone

    I lost it all Thousands Upon thousands Of deliberate cursive: The sum of my thoughts, Of my dreams, Of my twisted Imaginations. Were my mind wiped, I’d still have nothing. All of it lost To the misguided Travesties Of televised thought.

  11. Crooks

    What am I doing here? All my life in servitude, away from them bastards who lord it over me like I am less cus I was born a different color. How in Hell can I change that? And now these morons turn up with their dumbass dream to own their own ranch? I ...

  12. A Letter from Death

    Sweet soul, Now it not your time. You have so much left to do, so much left to accomplish. I love you also, grieving one, but it is not yet time for you and I to meet. Sometimes you may brush my hand, perhaps even see my face, but we will not speak for...

  13. Harlequin

    The Harlequin stands on his hands, his legs dangling above him as the children laugh in glee. Next he flings his legs around, propelling him full circle back onto his hands before tumbling into a disgruntled master, too dramatically for true life. R...

  14. Yin and Yang

    Our hands tangle loosely on your lap. Mine are dark in contrast to your pale flesh, the yin and yang of us. I look at our hands; I can’t bear to look at anything else. Your thumb runs gently over mine, soothing me in the most minute movement poss...

  15. Rainbow Sprinkles

    She loved rainbow sprinkles. Once she had a shaker of the things you could not pry them from her tiny fingers. She could put them on anything, make them fly all over the carpet, drop them over the side of a bridge and watch them fall into their own rai...

  16. Birthdays

    We celebrate birthdays, once a year for each person in the world, every year until the person dies. But why? Birthdays celebrate your day of birth, the date of which and the means of which you really had no role to play. By all rights, birthdays should...

  17. Hatred So Vile (Mature)

  18. Something in the Dark

    There’s something on top of my bed. I can hear it writhing around in the dark. When the moon is at its highest it starts moaning drearily. It scares me: that there could be something up there, ready to maul me at any moment. Sometimes it whispers...

  19. Laws here Decreed by the High Court of Dania

    Annabel’s face hurt. Regret ran through every vein in her body. All she had done was pull a face, simply stuck out a tongue at some carriage. But the carriage stopped. Out stepped a fabulously dressed man with a stern face. “What did you ju...

  20. Spawn of the Devil

    It happened all too quickly for most of us to comprehend. One minute Miss Press was extending her neck like a turtle and trying to get us to listen to a soundbite on the population of China, with the class obviously ignoring her and talking in our hudd...

  21. Night

    Sometimes I go out in the daylight, but I prefer the deep blue of night; the way the moonlight reflects off the waters of the park side lake near to where I live. The waters that in this harsh sunlight are shown to be a murky green turn to a deep and m...

  22. Cold Eyes

    You can stare at me all you like, with your cold, dark eyes. You can look forever with those empty sockets and your face in an immovable sulk and you can shove past me in hallways to make your point. I don’t know if you realise that by staring at...

  23. The Beadle's Warnings

    The beadle comes on stormy mornings With his omnipresent warnings - While the boys upstairs are snoring - To take me away from my kin. His violet hat sits atop his head Paired fashionably with a cravatte, he said I’d been gossiping wild, so must ...

  24. Experiment (Robert)

    Robert waited anxiously on the top step outside the large metal doors to the lab. The crowd wouldn’t let up. There had been constant noise for twenty long days: it had started with a few hard-core hippies and puritan-minded Christains, but had bu...

  25. Experiment (Dave)

    Dave’s orange hair fell in dreads around his face as he stared up at the titanium dome. This dome protected something evil and he knew it. It was completely inhumane. Dave shouted again through his loudspeaker to the millions of protestors who ha...

  26. Experiment (Elena)

    The adrenaline pumped through Elena’s veins. Her mother would kill her when she found out she’d skipped school to break into an underground hub performing what could be a vicious experiment. Elena didn’t know why anyone would agree to...

  27. Experiment (Jonty)

    Jonty doodled helplessly in his notebook, trying desperately to look as if he was doing something of importance. He was way out of his depth, and the professor kept pacing, running his fingers down over his pointed chin then staring at Jonty with his b...

  28. Experiment (Doctor Leonard)

    This is it! the doctor thought, rubbing his hands in glee at the spectacle before him. Seventeen years of countless animal experiments and the time had come to make his mark on future history. Dr. Leonard ran his hands along the metal casing of the mac...

  29. A Doctor's Aid

    “Please, you have to help me!” The doctor kept on walking as Mimi begged behind him. “Please, I don’t want this. I don’t want this. Not now.” He turned on his heels. “You know I can’t. It’s against ...

  30. I Do Care

    When people point and stare And talk about me in their hosts I tell my friends I don’t care That their cruel words just bounce off my hair But really they follow like ghosts…

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