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“A call to the Brotherhood was all it took to convince them that Arnold needed to be eliminated. A time and place was agreed to. All that was needed was to get Arnold there.”

“I told Arnold to meet me in civilian clothes outside of an American base. He was afraid of what the Army would do to him. He talked about spending twenty years in Leavenworth. I told him there was no way I would let that to happen to him.”

“I saw the motorcycle coming up the street. When they pulled abreast, the man on the back swung up a sawed off shotgun up to Arnold’s face. He turned and was trying to run when the first shot caught him. The blast nearly took his head clean off, and splattered blood and brains all around. He dropped and my friends and I put his hands overlapped against his chest. A second blast removed the possibility of fingerprint identification, along with most of his hands.”

“The three of us then dragged him to the side of the road. I bent down and removed his dog tags and put my wallet in his pocket.”

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  1. Avatar GreatNorthWoodsGirl

    Dang – Michael is back from the dead.

  2. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck

    I’m just doing a bit of a rewrite. I asked if I could insert another ficly into the existing sequence, Kevin was kind enough to say he would do that for me. Once this is properly in place I will edit the ending slightly to remove the references that now appear here.

    I think this change makes for a stronger story. I hope that this isn’t too disconerting.

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“It was surprisingly easy to get what I needed. Arnold didn’t even want cash. For a little Afghan opium, I could have all the weapons, unifor...

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