Mental Block

Avatar Author: Poppy, just Poppy I guess I'm more of a reader than a writer but all the same I love to create and imagine things, and sometimes they just put themselves into words and decide to exist outside of my mind. Read Bio

Sitting, pen twirling through fingers

Tap-a-tap-tapping on the scribbled desk below

Head in hands, hands on desk

Look up

Clock’s a-tick-ticking

Eyes blink-blink-blinking




Head snaps up

Pen hits page
Idea onto paper
Faster, faster, can’t stop now!
Hand is hurting
Mind is burning
Can’t Stop!
Can’t Stop!
Must stop!
Must stop!
Got to get it down
Got to get it done before

Time is up.

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  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    This is an oh so entertaining description of every final exam essay ever written. I like the repetition you put in there in some places and I think it really emphasizes the panic.

    Now in regard to the challenge, You don’t really specify what actually went wrong. There isn’t any really surprise or irony and when I think of an “Oh No!” it’s more because of something bad happening all in an instant. Sure it’s bad not to finish, but it isn’t like she didn’t see it coming. Again though, I ain’t the judge so who really cares?

    When it comes to the story though, it was awesome.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Sounds painful. Nicely told, enough to give me flashbacks.

  3. Avatar Poppy, just Poppy

    Thanks for the comments!
    And Third Robot – I do see what you mean about that lack of surprise/irony – you see, when I started writing, it did. But it didn’t really work at all and so I just left it out.
    Ah Well.

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