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I guess I’m more of a reader than a writer but all the same I love to create and imagine things, and sometimes they just put themselves into words and decide to exist outside of my mind.


  1. Paranoid

    Bang! Mleep! He looked up, over his newspaper, to the other side of the road. A man got out of his car, slamming the door. A little ‘blip’ and a flash indicated that the car was now locked. Then he walked to towards the coffee shop, stridi...

  2. Stego the Dino

    The Dino was after him – about to catch up! He had to keep going, faster, further… So he ran as far as he could; Which wasn’t very far since Stego was on a treadmill in the local gym, just round the corner from his home. You see Steg...

  3. Mental Block

    Sitting, pen twirling through fingers … Tap-a-tap-tapping on the scribbled desk below … Head in hands, hands on desk … Look up … Clock’s a-tick-ticking … Eyes blink-blink-blinking … Think-think-thinking …...

  4. The Cliffs

    The cliffs were my favourite place. Sitting, feet dangling into the unknown, hands dug in to the long grass. Below the gentle rush and roar of waves crashing into the land, like thunder claps, and little droplets of salt water would reach for my bare t...

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