Empty Plains

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Gather round children and listen to this legend of old, passed down through the generations since the great demise.

Beyond the great mountain in the plains beyond, where no mortal man now walks, is a land where the grey monoliths of old stand. The few who have gazed upon them, have had to climb the mount’s peak and even fewer returned.

Many eras ago, when the plains were not sick with the deathly haze, man would tread the soft grasses and life was good. They built the grey palaces in honor of their gods. They were abundant and prosperous yet unaware of the utter destruction their gods would send them for grievances unknown.

It is said that a white robed worshiper of a most vile god was granted a great gift. It cured ills and fed all; but there was another more menacing side to this gift. The gods knew of man’s evil nature so they used it to ensure the death of all. So man used this gift against each other, destroying themselves and the land.

And that children, is why the plains are empty to this day.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    I like this as far as back-story and world-building goes, but I think you could make it more interesting by showing rather than telling.