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I curse the fact that my dealer is a traditionalist as I turn the corner into the dark alley, the heads up display in my glasses warning me I’m going off the beaten track.

“That’s far enough,” a voice whispers through my earbuds. I notice a new remote access to my local server, but as usual can’t see anyone.

“You have the stuff?”

His reply is to ping me a fund transfer request. “And don’t complain about the price going up, this stuff’s getting harder to get.”

As I transfer the money I suppress a shudder, trying not to think of the ever increasing number of news tweets about comatose husks showing up in alleys like this one.

He cuts his connection after downloading the goods. An icon of a brown paper bag appears in the corner of my HUD. Definitely a traditionalist.

I rush home, flick the file to my direct neural link, and slip the slim device onto my forehead. As a lifetime of someone’s experiences begin to unfold before my senses, my hands stop shaking, and I relax, satisfied for the first time in days.

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  1. Avatar James P Anderson

    Pretty cool short about someone getting their drug fix in the future….if thats what it is haha. I like it though, a lot for the imagination

  2. Avatar Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars

    Very cool. Reminiscent of the best parts of Strange Days, Minority Report, Ghost in the Shell:SAC and The Final Cut.

    Awesome descriptions of augmented reality…I especially love the brown bag icon!

  3. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    I loved it! the robotic people in the future get their high off of our memories. I like your new word memoraphilia…I guess that makes him a memoraphiliac.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    awesome near-cyberpunk piece!

  5. Avatar Kay-Teaze

    This is rly awesome! Love this – hope you expand or do more pieces. Title is perfect. It does also remind me of dsytopia films/novels, in a good way.

    1 small question: wondering if it should be that the dealer “uploads”… or your narrator “downloads”… i’m sure things are more straightforward in the future tho :D

  6. Avatar DredZed

    Thanks everyone, it’s great to see that this story has been so well received. I’ll definitely try to do more in this style soon.

  7. Avatar N. Robertson

    That sounds worse than drugs. Someone else’s memories could really mess with you, I think. Creepy. So good job. I want more.

  8. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I love this.
    Call me sick but when I first read it through I thought this was some futuristic world where porn was amazingly hard to get.
    This future scares me…

  9. Avatar Horrorfan13

    I love the feel of this. Very Bladerunner-esque. The scary thing is….I think the way the world is obsessed with technology, this could very well happen! Good writing!

  10. Avatar The Third Robot


    I personally enjoy stealing memories…

  11. Avatar Robert Quick

    Nice work. There is a Fringe episode that had a similar idea but I love your cyberpunk tone. Reminds me of my favorite parts of Snowcrash.

  12. Avatar rawrchiteuthis

    Wow – drugs taken to the next level – instead of not only ignoring your own life, you also steal someone else’s.

  13. Avatar Donkey Burger


  14. Avatar Raymond Finn

    Wow! Excellent little tale, and it ties into the sequel brilliantly. Memories being bought/sold like drugs on the black market. I don’t think I’ve seen that SF concept used in such a way before.
    Really nice idea, told very well.

  15. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    This was nominated for the ficly book.

  16. Avatar Music-Hearted

    This is a really though-intriguing story, and more than a little sinister. Great job.

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