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I stood under a lamppost, its flickering light turning the street into an empty off-tempo night club. A tiny old man in front of me was hunched over smoking a cigarette, pointed ears sticking up through his white hair. He smelled like a barn.

“They’re gonna kill me,” he said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Phobetor’s gang. The Mares.” His eyes glowed softly.

“What’d you do?”

“Punched one of ’em and ran.” He sighed. “She hit her horse. I couldn’t stop myself.”

I shrugged. “I’ll protect you.”

“You?” A laugh shook his wiry body. “You’re just a Dreamer. Don’t know why I’m even talking to you.”

“There you are, Tom,” a voice rasped from across the street. A scarred, emaciated woman appeared, dressed in rags and riding a tall black horse. Her savage grin exposed sharp teeth.

“Leave him alone,” I said.

She cackled and raised a crossbow, firing at Tom. With a thought, I deflected the bolt, then lobbed a ball of energy so big it knocked her off the horse.

“You’re lucid!” Tom gasped.

I grinned and gave him a thumbs up.

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  1. Avatar The Third Robot


    Lucid dreams are the BEST!

    I think that you may have accidentally put a comma where you had meant an exclamation mark at the end of Tom’s final dialogue.

  2. Avatar lastsyllable

    You are so correct. Fixed! Thanks! And yes, lucid dreams rock.

  3. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    Lucid dreams are so cool, ’cos you get to control what happens :)

    Good work!

  4. Avatar Raymond Finn

    I like this. Not just because I’m a fan of lucid dreams, but because it’s a nice idea that the realism of lucidity is somehow connected to the real, the spiritual or the other worldly.

    “You’re just a Dreamer. Don’t know why I’m even talking to you.” That’s a great line. The sort of line any lucid dreamer might hear, and be forced to wonder about the reality of the “other”.

  5. Avatar lastsyllable

    Thanks for the comments! I think other people have theorized about dreams being another world as opposed to a mental state, but I find it to be an intriguing idea. And of course this was a real dream, as per the challenge, with a couple of details added so it made more sense as a story. Anyway, thanks again!