Flash of Silver

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There are no rules, per se, about what you do before you start the fight. However, there are certain guidelines; to ignore them would be bad form. A major part of duelling is impression and drama – and the start must not disappoint.

I stare with calm professionalism past my sword at your twin blades, watching the way the light glints and slides off those weapons. My own blade flickers with a silent, deep blue flame that casts a glow on the ring in which we stand. The etched runes shiver and glow with internal fire, almost as if they too are excited, apprehensive.

I look up and meet your stare for the first time. The searing inferno within your eyes lock with the fleeting glimpse, the flash of silver, in mine. The calm smile on my face never wavers, even as I feel the vibration on the mystic planes as we two titans draw together power from throughout the universe.

The point of my longsword echoes the look in my eyes. The possibility in the moment reaches the peak of tension.

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  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    You have delivered full serving of epicness.

  2. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    Plus a serving of dessert :D Great job dude!