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  1. Endings

    There’s magic in the captain’s chair – the high back, the armrests, the gimballed weight – but the power is in the association, and that’s all but gone now. The bridge is empty, dark, the crew absent from their stations. I can see the view ou...

  2. Airships: From Ashes

    Hawkeye picked up the papers, examined it briefly, and sighed. Ripping the cap off a nightflare, he held the papers to the fizzing, sparking glow and dropped the burning fragments to the floor. He tossed the flare into the room, and said nothing as the...

  3. Airships: Leaders of Men

    Elletra could stand it no more. She thought, and a dagger missed the Earl by less than an inch. Another was in her hand an instant later as she stormed across the room. “You… you think that just because men listen to you, that they’re...

  4. Airships: Light and Dark

    Her call was lost in the thunder of explosive charges. She twisted back to the first mate and hissed, “You want to let them go up against the Earl alone?” Gladstone hesitated, and that was enough. She twisted, slipped from his grip and was ...

  5. Airships: Face to Face

    The Earl’s smile, if anything, had grown wider. Hawkeye shouldered his weapon, long barrel gleaming with golden lamplight. “I came to stop you tonight, father. I do not want your power.” The Earl aul Janse-Lomberg looked at Captain Je...

  6. Airships: Unwanted Inheritance

    Hawkeye had stopped several paces behind her. She glanced back momentarily, and saw him lock eyes with the Earl. Something passed between them in that moment, deep and dark and filled with power. Hawkeye spoke, never breaking eye contact. His voice was...

  7. Airships: Bearing Arms

    One hastily-improvised bandage later, Hawkeye picked up the weapon again. A set of thin crosshairs drifted over comparably innocent men until they rested upon the chest of the Earl. Elletra had been right, he realised – there was only one way to ...

  8. Airships: Frail Deeds, Frail Men

    Elletra gulped at the red that slowly spread down Hawkeye’s jacket. It merged perfectly with red edging; Elletra forced a deep breath and took a closer look. The sword had sliced cleanly through the rough leather surface, the cut striking one of ...

  9. Airships: To See with Blinding Sight

    The gun settled, ivory grips cold against his palms. An unfamiliar if perfectly balanced weight. At this range, despite a pain that turned the world into starry fractals, there was no possibility of missing. The explosion was deafening, a distant echo ...

  10. Airships: Getting Ready [Draft]

    Elletra noticed with a start that Hawkeye was no longer carrying his beloved cavalry saber and Martese revolver. Instead, he was sporting a far more dangerous-looking weapon, a proper sword that must have been four feet long hanging from a large belt w...

  11. Airships: Brothers in Arms [Draft]

    “It’s not that simple. He’s,” he hesitated, “gifted, you could say. I had some skill with many weapons; he was amazing with a sword.” They opened the doors. Dieter aul Janse-Lomberg tilted his head at the intrusion, ...

  12. Solitary

    “I’m fine.” I’ve never needed someone so badly. “Well, university is a very unstable time. Everything is changing, the future’s uncertain. I don’t feel it’s a good time to be starting a relationship.̶...

  13. Ascension: Revelations [Draft]

    “Kurzweil One, go weapons hot. Destroy the shuttle.” “1984, we don’t have the -” “Do not question my orders. We cannot risk those rebels getting hold of noncon production capability.” “They’re civil...

  14. Last of the Three Hundred [Draft]

    Finely honed senses prompt me to turn, but there’s nothing there. No threats. No allies. No brothers. Where once I had hundreds soldiers just like me, then dozens, then one last team blazing at the darkness – now, silence. No one will ever ...

  15. Conflict

    The legions are shattered. The enemy approaches. The cities tremble in fear. In the final days of the Empire of a Thousand Rising Suns, the Imperial Palace sends hundreds of mismatched teams in search of weapons of last resort. One such team, led by a ...

  16. Airships: Rage, Rage

    As it had on a few other occasions in Hawkeye’s short life, time did him the favour of slowing down. He looked upon the silver longsword that was in the process of hurtling down, and the intention in his brother’s eyes. Then there was a dar...

  17. Times Gone By

    It was a different time. Happier, if one wished to be self-indulgent. A time of companionship, of easy talk and chatter. We would talk over lunch, over drinks, over dinner. We would meet and be met by a multitude of characters whose stories were as int...

  18. Airships: Strike

    Dieter smiled indulgently, as if he were merely sparring with his brother. “I must admit to a little disappointment in you, little brother. I had expected you to have improved your swordsmanship in your time away, but I am mistaken.” Hawkey...

  19. Puppetry

    She came to me, walking through a door into my study after an evening meal one night. I looked up, saw one of the maids, and on a chance second look noticed a familiar set of features. Just like that, she was standing in front of me. Our respective aur...

  20. Danger

    I had never known with certainty, but had long suspected that there were other Gifted personages that shared this world with me. In part, that was why I had chosen to use the Gifts of Power and Love carefully. For the next few weeks, my schedule was a ...

  21. Conflict: Between Worlds

    I picked up the tea again and took a long draught. It was barely half of one hour until the night meal, so I would wait until then to eat. Odessa, however, started on a pack of biscuits immediately. It was a common phenomenon for younger mages to overu...

  22. Conflict: By Instinct

    This was unexpected. I reflexively sprayed the three in front of me with a flurry of razor-sharp crystals and backed off. They reacted realistically, shielding themselves well. Studying the ripple of ice shards across the blue-tinged surfaces, I made m...

  23. Conflict: On Balance

    I put down the bottle and faced her, my weapon out but pointing down in a defensive posture. She engaged to tie up my weapon and fired a quintuplet of orange bolts like the ones she’d used earlier. I cut through her attack and batted the fiery bo...

  24. Conflict: Forged in Fire

    My finely tuned senses picked up her throwing something long and thin with magical assistance, and my off-hand caught a length of varnished bamboo – a training implement. She dipped a chin at me. “If we’re going to work together, I ne...

  25. Conflict: Second Sight

    She turned away and went back into her chambers. Uncertain of whether I should follow, I hung behind until she looked back impatiently. Propriety be damned, I thought – there was more than enough space in the guest chambers that it wouldn’t...

  26. Conflict: Long Odds

    I wondered how to break the silence, but she saved me the trouble by getting up in my face and jabbing a gloved finger at my cuirass. “Askya’s lapdog you may be, but you didn’t tell him everything.” It was not a question, but I ...

  27. Conflict: Judgement

    Despite being on the wrong end of Uncle Askya’s displeasure many times, I rarely saw the man show much more than a mild scorn. So I stepped back involuntarily when he switched from sarcasm and sneering contempt to full-on rage. The quiet kind. &#...

  28. Conflict: Beneath Appearances

    The young woman fired three bolts of orange fire ahead of her charge, which I caught with a deft swing – throwing up a shield along the blade to catch her magic. It was mere distraction. She came in hard immediately afterwards with a pair of twis...

  29. Conflict: Late in the Day

    The provosts fell in behind us, not the pair I had expected but a full half-dozen. Their shimmering, personal shields quickly merged, forming a solid blue-tinged ovoid that covered Uncle Askya and myself in a protective cocoon. Their ordinary robes and...

  30. Conflict: Thicker than Water

    I didn’t blink, but did put down the weapon I was cleaning when Uncle Askya strode into my room. A pair of guards were just visible outside – an official visit, then. I stood and saluted stiffly, withstanding the look of scorn and disappoin...

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