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You want the truth? Well, here it is.

Eventually, you will find someone.

Maybe they were the person who saved you from ending it all, or the person you sat next to in Spanish for the last five years, or the person that lives just around the corner that you had never looked at twice. They could have been a friend of a friend or someone who stole your parking space. Who knows?

Maybe you were looking for them, maybe you weren’t. Maybe they make you laugh, or smile or they could just make you really really angry.

But, that someone, somehow made your life just a little bit different. Happier, sadder, more mysterious. They changed things.

The guy that stole your parking space forced you to look for somewhere else to park and made you late. You then ran into a man leaving work, some fairy tale magic happened and now you’re getting married next week.

The guy that stole your parking space changed everything for you.

Maybe you’ve already met that someone that changed things for you…

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Funny. Some jumpy structure issues, but it mostly works with the rambling, near-stream-of-consciousness thing you were going for, like this is being told impromptu over a cup of coffee. I did like the twist that the ‘someone’ you’re referring to isn’t “the one”, but someone who accidentally or incidentally puts you in the path of the one.

  2. Avatar RoseTone ~LoA~

    I just love how truth keeps popping up in your writing, Lady V.

    I imagine this as part of a conversation between to friends – one down and depressed – the other (the speaker here) optimistic.

    Loneliness can leave a person feeling hopeless – but that feeling might cause you to miss the chance to not be alone.

    Upwards and onwards, hard as it might be.