Thor's Hammer

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They say that weapons forged in the heat of the battle can never be used outside the glory and the death of the fight. They say that weapons used in battle will never be content to rest idle. They say…

I cared not what they said. My enemies near and Mjöllnir is restless. The whirr and whine of motorised Jotun Manufacturing joints came ever closer and six of them appeared from the end of the wide hall. The first one spoke.

“Thor, you are called to the Assembly for actions deemed hazardous to the Deity Gathering.”

I was calm.

“I refuse this call.”
“You are advised that the refusal of -”

Mjöllnir rang hard and true, a single bullet taking off its hard in a shower of sparks. There was a moment of stillness and then the others lifted their rotary guns to fire, but I am faster, much faster than them. I whipped the heavy gun up in both hands and scored five more shots – five silver-jacketed bullets penetrated through enchanted steel plate and silicon circuits. Six empty shells quietly clinked on the floor.

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  1. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    Epic as always. Love the Halo reference too :p

  2. Avatar HSAR

    I challenge all readers – including the above – to find all the Norse Mythology references! And then to find all the Halo references.

    @Luke: Thanks.