Red Light

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I woke my station and checked the damage reports. There were uncontrolled fires raging down on D deck, and evidence of shrapnel damage to the portside engine assembly as well as various…

“We’ve lost the portside signal transcoder. Engineers say there’s no way of repairing it before twenty-oh-oh.”
A string of expletives left my mouth.
“Vec, we can’t do a course change without it. Can they rig something? Anything?”
“Our little monkey is still wreaking havoc onboard and the security teams can’t find whoever it is.”
“Well, get something capable of signal delivery out there. I don’t care how, but I can’t do anything without a port transceiver. And tell Engineering to stop playing hell with my engines, they’re stressed enough as it is.”
“That’s your job, carto. Sweet-talk them, work your magic or something. We need everything we can get out of them.”
“I would, but our saboteur took out the port primary heatsink and they’re getting stressy. All I can do is stop them boiling out.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I got a bit lost, partially cause I think I misread or misthought the role of a carto. The stream of dialog without names attached added to the confusion. Exciting stuff, and you’re still the king of sci-fi jargon. I’ll have to reread and think on it.

  2. Avatar emily.ruth

    Woah! I read the whole series and you guys are rocking it! Very Awesome Sauce. :D

    I really like that your “sci-fi jargon”, Shu Sam, doesn’t seem forced. It fits so well with your writing – not like a lot of sci-fi. And THX’s portions don’t feel out of place with out it, either.

    Five pencils to all!

  3. Avatar HSAR

    @THX: A cartographer is not a mapmaker anymore, no. I tried to make the dialogue a bit less confusing – clarifying, Vec means Vector.

    @TerribleBeauty: It’s a challenge not to just scrawl down all the terms in a sequel and then keep going. But hey, I like to introduce concepts and get people curious. Useful for plot twists.

  4. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    Haha, you always were the king of Sci Fi Sam :D

    This is your element :)

  5. Avatar HSAR

    Ah, I thank you. Just goes to show, several year’s worth of inspiration does help.

  6. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Alright, I think it only barely moves things along, but I do so love to put in some characterization.

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