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Cain would later admit it – the final week of tests was the most terrifying time of his life.

Cain knew that becoming an assassin would be difficult. Even finding the base of operations for the Assassin’s Guild was a test in itself. And like everyone else, Cain knew that failing any test in the Assassin’s Guild was fatal.

On the next to last day, the test that Cain dreaded the most loomed ahead of him. He made his way to the secret location, his heart racing, beads of sweat trailing down his arms and splashing off of the tools he’d need for today’s tasks.

He found the drop point, and tried to look nonchalant, even though he was shivering in the late spring warmth.

After a while, he noticed his tutor, who was coming silently towards him. As he passed, Cain took the hidden envelope from him and quickly walked away.

Back in his room, alone, he pulled the papers out, and studied them with a quiet dread.

“Killing’s easy,” Cain muttered to himself “but what does an assassin need to learn algebra for…”

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  1. Avatar Fyora Cartagan

    Haha! Awesome.
    I rather like algebra though…

  2. Avatar Dan

    Thanks for enjoying – I like the idea of a cold hearted assassin trembling in fear of numbers and letters …and of course, the dread beast known as MATH!

  3. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Haha. I, personally, have been trying to destroy the Math Monster for years. English is my weapon of choice.

    Nicely done. =]

  4. Avatar Dan

    Thank you – I’m still new to the Ficly community, so it’s nice to hear encouraging words.

    My normal medium of choice is music, but I wanted to see if I could tell stories with words too.

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