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I enjoy a lot of creative activities, including arranging music, writing RPG settings and rules, and other writing related things. The ‘Dan Suptic’ link will send you to a consolidation of my online creative content.


  1. Just another day at work

    I settle into my office chair, the hydraulics sighing happily as the seat adjusts to my familiar frame. My fingers swiftly strike the keyboard, the patterns of usernames and passwords taking over my movements without conscious effort. The atmosphere is...

  2. Humility for Elshir

    “Elshir the Great Ranger, huh…more like Elshir the great big FAILURE!” Elshir’s shout of self-pitying anger rang through the forest, startling some birds, a deer and some other less interesting woodland critters. He didn’t...

  3. Fools!

    Durkat the Necromancer gathered the rare spell components on his massive oak table. How many years had it taken to gather this assortment of magical materials? How many back ally deals had he made? How many innocent lives have been thrown away in pursu...

  4. Finals

    Cain would later admit it – the final week of tests was the most terrifying time of his life. Cain knew that becoming an assassin would be difficult. Even finding the base of operations for the Assassin’s Guild was a test in itself. And lik...

  5. Advances in Science (A Touch of Madness challenge entry)

    The young scientist was walking slowly around the nameless patient while explaining the helmet’s abilities to the old politician. “As you can see,” the young scientist stated “the helmet has several points of contact on the insi...

  6. The Golem

    Terron watched in dismay as the relentlessly approaching stone golem easilly resisted his last spell. The golem had finally chased Terron into a dead end of the maze, and Terron had now run completely out of magical power. Strangely, Terron’s lif...

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