Alone Again

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I don’t know how long I was sleeping there, but I didn’t wake up until I felt the wolf lift his head and look around. I looked to the sky which was just beginning to turn purple in the early dawn. My guardian was intently watching far off into the woods. I could see his ears twitch and turn like radars searching for a signal.

Moments later he slid out from under me and I flopped onto the ground. I watched him run into the woods until I was forced to bury my head as a gust of wind thundered through. When I revealed my eyes I searched the trees for him but he was gone.

By this time it was light enough to see and the confusion that enveloped me from the night before had returned. Once again I was alone. I walked in dizzy circles around the tree mapping my next move, whether I should stay here or try to find my way home.

The winter forest seemed to take on new life as the sun rose above the horizon I could see birds flying and their songs gave me hope. But nothing could distract me from the pain in my stomach.

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  1. Avatar UndyingSpring

    Its awesome!

  2. Avatar Jae

    So, a foraging to follow, or something else? Keep writing!

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Maybe he wasn’t dangerous. The creature was looking at me again. The fire in its eyes had been replaced with the reflection of the moon...

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