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Haven’t been around in a while. But that does not mean I stopped writing. I digressed from short stories to an attempt at a full book. 40 page not a bad start I suppose. BUT its time for a break from that and to go back to my roots.

I have spent much time on grammar this past year as well as much time reading hopefully it will show in my future stories.


  1. Around the Block Again

    “Your tracks might be covered enough to fool the public. Heck, you might even be hidden enough to fool the government, but they have other matters to worry about, public image and all that.” I could feel the heat of the spot light on my fac...

  2. Unbreakable (poem)

    Unbroken spirit, Trapped in pages of the book of souls, Stripped of determination left, Naked on text stained paper, Dignity forced to leave, Through cardboard covers, The one thing left to hide her shame, Broken hearted, Crossing stepping stones, The...

  3. Wedding Branches

    From the upper floor of the house she looked over the vineyard. She could see rows of chairs and heavy red grapes hanging above the altar. Her dress was in the closet and the last of the tables were being arranged. It would only be about sixteen more h...

  4. A Shameful Distraction

    She stopped, teetering on the edge of the curb; it would be only moments between her dash across the street and exposing herself in the cone of light beneath the street lamp. In those moments she would have to capture the image of who is following her,...

  5. Vibrations are Blind

    There was just one problem with using vibrations for sight; anything flat, writing or color, is invisible. There was no doubt in her mind that a car has been following her, but the certainty stopped there. She couldn’t tell the model of the car, what...

  6. Seeing Without Viewing

    She slipped her hand into her front pocket and pulled out a pencil. “If there is anyone back there,” she began to calculate, “I shouldn’t stop to check it out” She let the pencil fall through her fingers to the ground; it was the perfect cove...

  7. That "Something is Wrong" Feeling

    It was a Monday morning, nothing looked different that morning than any other morning, but within minutes her blood ceased to pulse, instead it raced steadily though her: the first of many symptoms that something was wrong. The entire walk her eyes sta...

  8. Looks can be Deceiving

    Night’s velvet sheet darkened the sleeping suburbs. While the clock said it was morning, to the rest of the world it was night. A single person cast shadows down the sidewalk. There was a heavy load she carried, one other than the backpack strapped t...

  9. Not What You Think About Immortality

    I sighed into the light. “It’s amazing how a fact can warp into a legend in just a few lifetimes. I’ll stop here. I know what you’re thinking when I say immortal. Before you say it let me explain a few things. To be immortal is not ...

  10. Soup or Stew?

    I was put up here nearly a year ago. Now my lid was covered in dust. Looking down from the highest shelf above the kitchen stove, I had a great view out the window into the backyard. During the warmer months, I could see things cook on the barbecue and...

  11. Why Can't I, if I Can?

    “I’m tired having to stay hidden. I want to show what I really do.” Jerome was young, kind of backwards in a way. He developed such a control of his powers before the actual power came that he was bored. “No one is making you hi...

  12. Shadow Meadow

    The grass turned yellow, as it grew long in the summer heat laying flat on the ground. Where thick forests stood was now a maze of ashen totems of an earlier time. The simple gate way far back held with wood and nails still protected the fields from wh...

  13. Blizzard

    It wasn’t often that the winter sky glowed with lightening flashes. She thought this blizzard would be like the last “blizzard”. But this one started only moments ago and the pavement protected by the car was already covered. “I...

  14. It Will Only be My Pain

    I knew he couldn’t understand. He knows his abilities limits. He knows what it is, exactly what he does. It has a name. He had help during development, not people telling him to figure it out. He didn’t hurt people as I have. I closed my ey...

  15. Another's Pain Gone; A Pain of My Own

    “How can you not be proud? You’ve never practiced, never been taught, yet, you do amazing things that people who have trained for years can’t even dream of doing. It’s a gift. Yet, you only ever touch it when you need to, and so...

  16. Better Colors When There is No Frost

    “Janie.” She glared at me out of the corner of her eye, determined to ignore me. I couldn’t be sure why she was mad, but I could tell. She was mad. Her hand had its fingers curled under forcing her nails into the wooden bench making five ...

  17. Parade From Afar

    The parade, seen from the 70 something floor of an office building appears as ants, one following another, scrolling through a maze of concrete walls and streets below. Wherever they crawl the area erupts with color as people crowd the street and their...

  18. Strength in Weakness (poem)

    Flying high, flying proud, Beaten, battered, worn, Scars and faded color, Making struggles known, In the rain, heavy, wet, Storm force gales are greater force, Threads of tears pull loose and trail, Strain, reach outward from its post, The winds ripple...

  19. You Oughta Write

    “This is really good. It has a good plot, the characters are very well developed and you seem to know exactly how you want it to sound when you tell me it. You’ve told me this story many times now and every time nothing changes. I think you...

  20. More Than Nothing (part 7)

    All I could do was lay there next to the door. I just wasn’t strong enough to do anything more against such an impenetrable work. With out a ground it had no bottom, and no sky to make the top, side to side it just extended on and on. There was nothi...

  21. More Than Nothing (part 6)

    My muscles tightened to a cramp as I lifted my hand to my face. It felt slick to the touch, wet. Another droplet soon followed down the previous ones trail sliding down over my cheek and settling in the corner of my lips. When I opened my mouth in jagg...

  22. Coagulation

    My head was splitting as I slid across the floor reaching for the table. Though it was ancient and had the blood of many spilled on it, it was sturdy. My own blood was adding to the crusty brown surface and streaming down the table side while my arms w...

  23. The Winds Voice: Prologue

    Have you taken the time to listen to the wind lately? Not to the sound it makes blowing through the trees and tossing dried leaves along the ground but to the wind itself? Have you listened to its speech; a language made not of words yet if you take ti...

  24. Waiting, Waiting, Summer!

    Two slabs of rubber hang suspended by chains, empty and hot under the early summer sun. A rut is worn beneath the swings and clay filled mud colors the puddles a golden hue. Time here holds still like it is waiting for something; the weeds peaking from...

  25. Snapping Greenbeans (differnet version)

    I sat in my chair over looking the front lawn; a bucket of fresh green beans at my side and two bowls at my feet. The shade of the grand oak tree I still faintly remember planting made the sun flicker whenever the wind would blow. Children could be hea...

  26. Snapping Greenbeans

    I glanced over to the woven wicker basket in the soil beside me. Seeing it was almost full I stood up from the drying mud-pie that has been baking under the summer sun. I could feel that my knees were wet as a warm breeze blew by. I picked up the baske...

  27. More Than Nothing (Part 5)

    As I felt the door reform my heart sank, taking my breath with it. Something that was already hard was going to be near impossible now. My whole body cringed in pain; healing from the trauma I brought to it. I couldn’t move either arm. The numbne...

  28. My Guardian Angel

    As my tree came back into view, I noticed that the circle I traced around the tree had been smeared by the increasing bitter winds. But where I had slept the night before was still clean of snow. As I walked closer a spot of green stood out against the...

  29. Last Resort Switch

    “I don’t know this,” I gripped my head, shaking it violently, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. I can’t sense right.” “Someone is doing this to him. Someone wants us out of the way,” my head t...

  30. Something to Feel

    All of a sudden the space around me melted away back into the alley through which I was lead. The cloud of dust settled to the ground revealing a crowd of people wrapped in woven fabrics other than the tweed I am used to. The colors were brilliant, and...

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