Something in the System

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“We got an inside job, hostile influence in the system. Security teams abandon search, go to syssec stations please.”
“Carto, security’s on high alert – two men are dead, and they don’t know why. May be our man.”

I started getting snappy with the effort of coding and speaking at the same time.
“I don’t care what the security teams are doing. Unless I get some help over here, we’re going to lose everything we can possibly lose.”

With that, I sensed something else on the starboard engine 2. A sudden explosion hit me with a flash of red error texts and a distant rumbling. Someone else said the obvious.
“Explosion on starboard decks C-D-E! Starboard 2 losing power!”
I throttled port engine 2 to compensate but starboard 2 was losing power fast. The slow, lumbering mind of the overseer started panicking and I worked to calm it down, to try and stabilise what power was left in the machinery. More errors started flashing. I needed some help and so yelled for it.

“Seriously, I need some help over here!”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Not sure how I missed that this sequel was sitting here. I like it, very in-the-moment, with panic and danger swirling all about. You do a good job of painting a very bleak picture for your protagonist.

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