Continuous Repetitive Chime

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“Going evasive! Shit, got a missile on me! Deploying chaff, countermeasures online!”

“Turn, it’s on your three!”

“Bogey at six. Two at seven.”

“Got a lock. Missile away.”

“Missile hasn’t lost the lock, I’m going to -”

“3! Report, report!”

“3 is off the map. We’ve lost him, 1.”

“Damnit! They’re closing for another pass!”

“Got one on my six, going to try and lose him in the cloud bank!”

“I’m with you 4, trying to get a clear shot.”

“Got more blips heading to the package, Rider lead.”

“We’ll flak these guys and catch them in a moment.”

“This is 6, I can’t lose this guy!”

“4? What’s the status?”

“Not good, I can’t get a lock on him. 6 is too close to use the guns. Hold on – 4, go left, hard left! Missile lock affirmative, missile clear!”

“6? Confirm kill, confirm kill!”

“He’s off my six, going evasive on the missile – oh shit! Kill confirmed but I’m hit by debris. Ruptured fuel line, losing power on engine 1!”

“Keep it steady, 6. Can you make it to base?”

“I don’t know, I don’t -”

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  1. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    You sir, are the Master :D

  2. Avatar HSAR

    So what’s the deal with olympus? :P

  3. Avatar Krulltar

    good job keeping with the dialog and tone.

  4. Avatar N. Robertson

    Nice abrupt ending. Sets it up big time.

  5. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    Olympus is a carrier, but I’m not sure what Omega is…

Inspired by

“This is Rider 1 to Rider Squadron, please report” “Rider 3 to Rider 1, my scopes are clear. There’s nothing out here...

Dogfight by Luke Nicolaou

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