Second Chancers - Ready, Steady, Go

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The great hall swept swiftly into action. All trappings of festivities and idleness were spirited away, replaced by the earnest practicalities of war. If the gods had indeed come, they would want to see what manner of men they were, and by all they held holy, Gunnar and his people were warriors.

Ceremonial robes replaced by leather armor trimmed with heavy fur, the king stood pensively, for all appearances deciding between his warhammer in the one hand and his battle axe in the other. In truth he was reveling, drinking in the heady rush of humours before a clash. Surely, the gods would wish to prove them.

Servants lined the edges of the hall, pounding out the rhythm of battle on large drums of war, a steady cadence for the preparation of the men. A dozen of his finest warriors were putting the finishing touches on their garb, weapons at the ready. Stefnir stood at the doors, eyes to the horizon, slowly regaining his breath.

Finally deciding on the hammer, Gunnar pronounced, “Men, my warriors, we go.”

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  1. Avatar shadowlight

    Wow, this drops the reader right in the middle of the story. What were they celebrating to begin with? What caused the swift change? I want to know. Gripping read. My only real suggestion is to watch out for ‘to be’ constructions. There is so much wonderful action, description and tension in this that I’d hate to see it slowed by something like the words ‘was’ or ‘were’. Having said that, LOL, please don’t leave us hanging. Write a sequel, ok? Great job!

  2. Avatar Browncoatben

    Very nice work, THX. You’re very adept at matching another person’s prose and style. I’ve noticed it in other sequels you’ve done as well. I appreciate the sequel and will undoubetdly keep it in the story.

  3. Avatar Browncoatben

    Forgot the pencils!!!

  4. Avatar RoseTone ~LoA~

    The rush and tension/anticipation are well conveyed. I like it!
    I’m with shadowlight – sequel please!

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