It's What's for Dinner (Challenge Re-post)

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Prometheus gets all the sympathy.

Sure, he set himself up as some sort of hero to those humans, what with giving them fire and all. But trust me: They would have figured the whole burning thing out themselves, especially with Zeus hurling his lightning bolts in regular fits of rage over the perceived celestial slight du jour. Flames were practically growing on trees in those early days.

But marketing is marketing, and I can’t blame the guy for his campaign. With Olympus out for his blood, of course he wanted to find a sympathetic ear somewhere. Thus: Mankind, meet Prometheus, giver of light, warmth, and all things civilized!

So he gets the glory, which has to be some small comfort throughout his punishment: shackled and chained to this rock for all time. That would have been enough in my book. If I were Zeus, I would have let him just bake for eons.

But no. The Big Guy has to drag me in, too. Technically, I’m on his side—but really, I feel like I’m being punished along with the Titan.

Man, I hate liver.

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  1. Avatar jesteram

    Sorry for the apparent duplication. I entered this story into a contest by re-posting it before I realized I couldn’t delete the old one.

  2. Avatar scratch'n'scrawl

    Entertainment and education all in one! This is very nice, jesteram, even more so because I knew nothing about any of it before reading this. Thanks, and now I’ll check out some of your other writing…

  3. Avatar Oy

    Awesome retelling of Greek Myth from a unique viewpoint.Will try to sequel!

  4. Avatar Ronnie

    Hunh. So it was told from the vulture’s point of view? Now that is an idea. A+ for creativity.