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My mother stepped aside to let me pass through the doorway. I entered the living room and quietly took a seat on the couch beside my father.

“Hi, Dad,” I practically whispered.

He shook his head and turned away, not saying a word. My mother slammed and bolted the door shut. She then approached the couch. She stood over me, starring down at me and giving a look of anger and disapointment.

“Do you care to explain yourself?” She sneered.

I took a deep breath, and began to tell my story the best I could. “Mom, I am bisexual. I’ve known I was bisexual since I was seventeen years old, but I never told you because I knew you would never accept it. And, I’ve found the love of my life, a girl named Shawna. We’ve been dating for over a year, and living together for six months now.”

I paused. Both my parents remained silent. “…As far as the gothic appearance goes, I just really love the style. I always have, that’s all.”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    what a courageous daughter, to face her parents like this, yet she is an adult, and has that on her side.

  2. Avatar dkscully

    Sounds like this character has found the strength somewhere (from the relationship,perhaps) to be honest and open with her parents.

    It’s clearly very hard for her, and you’ve conveyed her dread of their reaction, really well, which has nicely built a sense of foreboding.

    I suspect this isn’t going to go well.

  3. Avatar Browncoatben

    I just realized that, throughout this entire series, I’ve been picturing a woman, even though that wasn’t specified until this installment (I don’t think). I wonder why that is?

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